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S4 E2: The Man in the Cowboy Hat

S4 E2: The Man in the Cowboy Hat

Update: 2019-07-0737


The Cat Lady Case, Episode 2 - A suspicious-looking man is seen interacting with the so-called “Cat Lady” shortly before her disappearance.
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Lisalouise Taylor

sounds like the host is sneaking a late night recording of the details! Why??? When he is interviewing the witnesses he speaks with a normal tone and strength. And no other person working on this podcast addressed this issue prior to releasing it?? I want to scream STOOOOPPP. ITS ANNOYING. It's a shame, I'm sure he put considerable time and energy into the research and development of this otherwise interesting podcast. But I have to move on, too many other, better produced podcasts. 🤪

Aug 20th
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L Leigh White

While speaking to other people (interview sections) the narrator’s voice sounds more audible and clear, leading me to believe that during the exposition parts, the alternate tone is done deliberately for effect? Either way, the tone, volume and sharp s sounds on the mic etc. make this difficult to enjoy.

Jul 18th
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West MI Warbler

why does it sound like you are telling this all as a secret in someone's ear?

Jul 14th

Colleen M. Kelly

listening at 1.5x because I can't belive that is your everyday speaking voice and if it is, maybe some vocal training/lessons if this is your profession. The sound engineer eeds to fix your levels as well. between tbe whispering of the narrator and the music, then the interviews are all over the place. 1.5 x listen speed is saving this podcast for me.

Jul 13th
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really nice podcast but seriously I f****in don't understand why you need to whispering like that. it bother me A LOT and it probably gonna make me stop to listen to your podcast.

Jul 9th
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Sydnee kitten

I wish you would speak up. You're so hard to understand with this weird whisper voice going on haha.

Jul 8th
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S4 E2: The Man in the Cowboy Hat

S4 E2: The Man in the Cowboy Hat