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SERIAL KILLER: Highway of Tears

SERIAL KILLER: Highway of Tears

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Loren Donn Leslie was only 15 years old when police discovered her remains on a lonely logging road off Highway 16 in British Columbia. Since the late 1960s, women and girls have gone missing from the communities that surround Highway 16, or been found murdered along the desolate 450-mile stretch of road known as the Highway of Tears.

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Comments (25)

Jeri Moore

editing sucks on every episode. repeats constantly....gets old also they speak like 14 to valley girls. trying too hard to sound hoity toity

Apr 15th

Jahna Malcolm

love the show, but... Canada is divided into P R O V I N C E S, not proviDENCES

Jan 4th

lauren cool

Does anyone else have a ton of skipping around the 23:45 mark? I feel like I'm missing a lot. I can't figure out if it's the app or the editing.

Dec 26th
Reply (1)

Simon Turner

Providence? 1st time I blew it off as mispeaking, 2cnd time? Not so much. They are PROVINCES in Canada, not Providence's. Please do better, you are confirming the stereotype.

Dec 23rd

Jessica guinn

soooo he was a good guy who had a girlfriend but talking to this chick online for hours?? right there would be a huge red

Dec 19th
Reply (3)


justice for Tina Fontaine

Dec 17th
Reply (1)

Shannon Mcgillivray

People like Cody make me so grateful for the advancements of modern technology, he killed 4 women before the age of 20 and if he was alive 30 years ago before DNA testing, he would've 100% killed dozens of women over decades before being caught.

Dec 16th

Angelica Kidd

It's currently the Christmas Holiday Season, so I wrapped Christmas presents while I listened to this podcast episode. As always, I enjoyed listening to the podcast! I can't believe this Highway exists! I had never heard about it before. :( All of the possible lives lost on this stretch of's heartbreaking. :(

Dec 16th

nicole denney

haven't they already done this one?

Dec 16th
Reply (8)

Lisa Marie


Dec 16th
Reply (1)


oh geez if no news sources cover indigenous disappearances we wont have any source material to copy! Do some research yourselves for once lol. Dont homeschool your kids!

Dec 16th








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SERIAL KILLER: Highway of Tears

SERIAL KILLER: Highway of Tears