DiscoverCrime JunkieSERIAL KILLER: On The Colonial Parkway (Part 2)
SERIAL KILLER: On The Colonial Parkway (Part 2)

SERIAL KILLER: On The Colonial Parkway (Part 2)

Update: 2018-12-1048


In part two, we tell you about the murders of Cassandra Lee Hailey, Richard Keith Call, Annamaria Phelps, and Daniel Lauer. Could all four of the murders be connected? Or could there be four killers roaming free?

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Comments (4)

Cindi Filzen

So maybe another rabbit hole but, my son is stationed at Norfolk in the Navy and just saying that 4 years is average military experience as well! Easily in uniform to pull people over and convince people to comply. Even more so that they happened on weekends and holidays? Naval operations are minimal as well as Fort Eustis army base!

Apr 25th

Miranda Thomas

I dated a guy in high school who told me a story about his aunt who was going to college in Tennessee. This would have been the mid to late 80's. She was pulled over by a man posing as a police officer or campus police. He pulled her over and somehow lured her from her vehicle & abducted her in his van. He pistol whipped her at some point but she luckily was able to escape the van & even though she was bound, rolled down an embankment near passing lanes of traffic and the man fled the scene. I couldn't help but think of this story while listening. It sounded so similar. especially the part about him possibly being affiliated with a college. I'm not sure if he was ever captured. So scary!

Mar 8th

Lauren Coker

for some reason it is only showing this episode as 5:13 minutes. what did I miss?

Jan 20th

Jena Hess

Anyone else having issues with this episode? The episode says its 43 minutes long but when played, it only plays first 5 minutes. Same thing on the website .

Jan 17th








SERIAL KILLER: On The Colonial Parkway (Part 2)

SERIAL KILLER: On The Colonial Parkway (Part 2)

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