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SERIAL KILLER: The Cleveland Strangler

SERIAL KILLER: The Cleveland Strangler

Update: 2021-08-0289


Police in Cleveland enter a home in Mount Pleasant to arrest a man on sexual assault charges. But they don’t find their suspect. And what they do find sends an already struggling community into chaos.

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Marchel Klawonn

please, someone stop Brit. I am sure she is sweet, but her constant comments, with nothing to add to the story, makes me want to stop listening. I get it Ashley, that she is a dear friend. Listening to you tell this story with clear concise facts is amazing. Let Brit do the ads.

Sep 18th


We should investigate what people/women say and find out the truth, not just believe them.

Aug 15th
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Joe Quaqum

Would you PLEASE, PLEASE stop with the fake, bullshit, scripted interjections and questions. It is so blatantly obvious and very annoying and disingenuous. You are ruining quite good stories with a poor approach in relating them to us. In the many good and popular podcasts out there the partner of the host is hearing the story for the first time along with us. That way her or his comments or questions are natural and real. Stop trying to lead us by the nose. If you want to clarify something for us, JUST DO IT. You are a pretty good story teller, but you are doing yourself and the podcast no favors with this practice. I am 4 podcasts in and I am about to unsubscribe.

Aug 2nd
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Daniel Cole

I always look forward to Monday

Aug 2nd
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Aug 2nd

Darnell Cole

I'm seriously addicted to this podcast! It's getting bad. I wait up until the clock strikes midnight like a crazy man. Haha Thank you!

Aug 2nd
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SERIAL KILLER: The Cleveland Strangler

SERIAL KILLER: The Cleveland Strangler