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SLAS2023 Student Poster Award Winners

SLAS2023 Student Poster Award Winners

Update: 2023-03-27


Recorded straight from the SLAS2023 exhibit hall floor -- New Matter host, Hannah Rosen, Ph.D., speaks with each winner of this year's Student Poster Awards.

SLAS2023 was a record-breaking year, and nearly 400 posters were displayed throughout the exhibit hall. Three students were awarded the Student Poster Award and received a $500 cash prize!

Congratulations to our winners (in order of interview)!

Samuel Little, Ph.D. Candidate (Concordia University)
An Automated Platform for Engineering Primary Human T-Cells with Digital Microfluidics

Zachary Sitte, Graduate Student (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)
Supported Gel Slabs: A Promising Method for Generating Tumor-Like Structures and Screening Toxicants in a 3D Environment

Riley Whalen, Research Assistant (Oregon Health & Science University)
Ultra-High Content Analyses of Circulating and Solid Tumor Cells

What is the SLAS Student Poster Award?
Student posters presented during the SLAS International Conference and Exhibition and SLAS Europe Conference and Exhibition are judged on quality and relevance. Student poster presenters are all eligible for the Student Poster Competition, in which the top three posters are recognized. Winners, up to three, receive a cash prize of $500. Visit our Student Resources to learn more.

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SLAS2023 Student Poster Award Winners

SLAS2023 Student Poster Award Winners