DiscoverSmart Money CircleSMC: Adam Sarhan Interviewed Ben Kohn CEO of Playboy For Timeless Life & Leadership Advice
SMC: Adam Sarhan Interviewed Ben Kohn CEO of Playboy For Timeless Life & Leadership Advice

SMC: Adam Sarhan Interviewed Ben Kohn CEO of Playboy For Timeless Life & Leadership Advice

Update: 2022-05-25


Ben Kohn, CEO, of Playboy Shares Timeless Life & Leadership Advice with Adam Sarhan on This Episode of Show

About Ben Kohn:

Ben Kohn is responsible for leading PLBY Group’s global growth strategy and execution. He is focused on delivering sustainable, long-term growth and value creation for PLBY Group’s shareholders.

Kohn joined Playboy as Chief Executive Officer in January 2018, after having served as interim CEO of Playboy from May 2016 to December 2017. Kohn has served on Playboy’s Board of Directors since March 2011. From 2004 to December 2018, Kohn served as a Managing Partner at the private equity firm Rizvi Traverse where he led the successful buyouts of major media and entertainment companies, including taking Playboy private in 2011.

Prior to his time at Rizvi Traverse, Kohn was a Vice President at Angelo, Gordon & Co., where he focused on private equity and special situations. Kohn started his career at Cowen & Company in the Mergers and Acquisitions group. Mr. Kohn also serves on the Board of Directors for the performance rights organization, SESAC. He received his Bachelor of Science in Management BSM from Tulane University, and his Master of Business Administration from Columbia University.

About PLBY Group.

PLBY Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLBY) is a leading pleasure and leisure lifestyle company and owner of Playboy, one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in the world. Over the past few years, PLBY Group acquired Australian luxury lingerie brand, Honey Birdette, sexuall wellness chain, Lovers, and online intimates retailer, Yandy.

Playboy ceased publication of the magazine in March 2020, and the Hefner family is no longer associated with Playboy in any way.

Today’s reimagined Playboy has shifted to focus on consumer products and digital experiences and events. The company’s recent changes on the business side have really been focused on building out that full ecosystem of products and services, physical and digital, to give consumers a way to access and truly live a Playboy way of life.

More specifically, the company is focused on two strategies: 1) Meeting robust consumer demand through the continued expansion of its direct-to-consumer business by further growing its owned and operated channels, realizing synergies between its brands and continuing the optimization of licensing; and 2) Continuing to advance its digital business through the full build-out of creator-led CENTERFOLD and its integration with its other platforms.

Centerfold is Playboy’s new creator-led platform which launched in beta in late 2021. Centerfold’s potential to drive organic customer acquisition and serve as a massive top of funnel for Playboy products and services is more valuable than ever given the recent disruptive changes to iOS and privacy regulations. Playboy believes it will allow them to further target the marketing of its consumer products brands, its future NFT and blockchain initiatives, and its IRL and virtual events. As Centerfold continues to evolve, the company plans to integrate it with and drive all customers to one central location. In addition, Centerfold provides leverage for any future partnerships Playboy pursues through licensing, hospitality and other channels because it not only shows up to the table with an iconic global brand, but it also brings direct access to an engaged, targeted audience.

For creators, there is immense value in being part of the Playboy ecosystem. Not only has Playboy envisioned a safe place for freedom of expression, inclusion and direct connections between fans and creators, it is also launching new avenues for its creators to generate additional revenue streams beyond core offerings including digital subscriptions, unlocks, and live hangouts. As creators, they have the additional opportunity to become affiliates by promoting Playboy products. The company already signed 40 of its top creators as part of a new affi


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SMC: Adam Sarhan Interviewed Ben Kohn CEO of Playboy For Timeless Life & Leadership Advice

SMC: Adam Sarhan Interviewed Ben Kohn CEO of Playboy For Timeless Life & Leadership Advice

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