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SSW413 Push Vs Pull Marketing in Social Selling

SSW413 Push Vs Pull Marketing in Social Selling

Update: 2021-04-08


What is the difference between Push and Pull Marketing? How do we not become that annoying person online with our friends and family and connections?

Show Notes: 

I ran a challenge last summer in my Facebook Group - and this was one of the topics.


My goal was always to be the hunted vs the hunter online. I wanted true Attraction Marketing and to bring clients to me.


Ready, pre-sold and with less resistance to a number of things including network marketing, pyramid (which it’s not) and online systems.


I am totally capable of handling objections, but why, if you don’t have to?


I teach all of this in the


I teach you the tools to push through your limiting beliefs and other areas that have you stuck, sos you can create authentic messaging that speaks your voice, values and vision and attracts your perfect tribe of pre-sold clients, customers and team partners. Then, we put it into a marketing content calendar and action plan so there is no more stare, compare and despair each day, wondering what to post and who will see it.

We build our brand, following and clients by attracting people to us. That is Pull Marketing, where we attract others to us through the fun, value, educational, entertaining content we share online.


Pull Marketing is Attraction Marketing, and the ideal way to grow your business, and your tribe, creating new warm market online.


Push marketing is when you are constantly pushing your marketing at people.


Offline, it is stuffing your business card into the hands of others, along with brochures and information about what you are selling. Billboard and magazine marketing is also push marketing, but we expect it in media content forms.


Online, we can get more annoyed as we don’t expect people, our family and friends to be constantly pushing their business and products to us. It gets old.


Does that mean they shouldn’t market? Of course not, just be creative.

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SSW413 Push Vs Pull Marketing in Social Selling

SSW413 Push Vs Pull Marketing in Social Selling

Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Business Skills, Direct Sales Social Selling Strategist