DiscoverCrime JunkieSURVIVED: Chrystul Kizer and Cyntoia Brown
SURVIVED: Chrystul Kizer and Cyntoia Brown

SURVIVED: Chrystul Kizer and Cyntoia Brown

Update: 2022-01-2410


When 17-year-old Chrystul Kizer is arrested for first-degree murder in Milwaukee, the investigation uncovers a connection between her and her victim that can’t be ignored. And it mirrors an eerily similar story -- that of Cyntoia Brown -- that played out over a 15-year span in Tennessee.

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Michelle Ebanks

I bet if these girls were all white then he would have been in jail. However, they were black and we know how the USA feel about black people especially black women. I said what I said.

May 14th

Corey Freeman

Ladies. As a white male I know I'm not your target demographic listener. so my opinion probably means less than 0 to you. However I am infact a long time listener. That being said I'm starting to feel you should be hosting The View your storylines are getting overwhelming Bias.

Feb 19th
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Jocelyn Figueroa

Cynthoia is doing great now and I believe going to prison literally was the best thing for her because she change but i truly don’t believe she kill that men in self defense. Kut threat her that he needed her to bring her some money he kick her out of the hotel and told her not to come back until she had that amount. She did what she did for following orders YES but she did had a supportive foster mom she had a shitty mom but her foster home mom was a teacher always looking the best for her so her killing that men and going back to Kut like if he was her only support “pimp” it wasnt. Evidence really truly shows he was sleeping. Yes he did show her the guns but probably he did probably thinking for she cant try to rob him and look she did and kill him.

Feb 16th

Andy Burgess

chrystul wasn't a victim of human trafficking, she was a hoe, a prostitute it was her that went looking for the extra cash

Jan 25th
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SURVIVED: Chrystul Kizer and Cyntoia Brown

SURVIVED: Chrystul Kizer and Cyntoia Brown