SV 21: Bad Mind!

SV 21: Bad Mind!

Update: 2019-02-11


In this episode executive producer, Kerry and I dissect the idea of “Bad Mind.” A popular idea in Caribbean music, particularly Dancehall we talk about why the term is so popular, how it is used and know the difference between  “Bad Mind” and constructive criticism.


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Stylin’ on: Usain Bolt in Carlton Brown

Vibin’ to: “Boasty (REMIX)”- Wiley feat. Stefflon Don, Sean Paul & Idris Elba



Male voice actor in Bad Mind Scenario: Kirk Malcom 
Executive Produced by Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown of Breadfruit Media


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SV 25: Carnival Culture Misunderstood
Carnival culture has exploded across the globe in recent years. With events driven by elaborate costumes, Soca and pure vibes, inspired by Trinidad, carnivals have popped up in places like Japan, Oakland and Houston. The expansion is great for the soca music and creative industry, however it comes backlash. In this episode, I’m joined with DJ Jel and Caribbean journalist Melissa Noel discuss the backlash and why carnival culture can be misunderstood.   Stylin’ on: Sneakers Vibin’ to: Buju Banton   About DJ JEL DJ Jel is a NYC-based disc jockey of Trinidadian descent. Know for his tagline, “The Soca Boss,” DJ JEL has one of the most popular mix/podcast series that reaches a wide audience across North America, the Caribbean and Europe. While juggling bookings for open events, DJ Jel continues to focus on developing digital music content for the West Indian community, promoting the region’s music worldwide. In doing so DJ JEL is also the co-founder and content strategist for Di Soca Analyst, a digital media platform that focuses on the discussion of Caribbean culture and soca music.     About Melissa Noel Guyanese-American Award-winning journalist Melissa Noel is adamant about sharing a variety of stories from the region and its diaspora. As an independent multimedia journalist, Melissa Noel produces video as well as print and online stories for several major news outlets including,, Caribbean Beat Magazine and Voices of NY. Melissa is also a television correspondent and host for several Caribbean focused networks.   Executive Produced by Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown of Breadfruit Media
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SV 21: Bad Mind!

SV 21: Bad Mind!

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