DiscoverSomething You Should KnowSYSK Choice: How Your Home Impacts You & The Forgiveness Myth
SYSK Choice: How Your Home Impacts You & The Forgiveness Myth

SYSK Choice: How Your Home Impacts You & The Forgiveness Myth

Update: 2021-02-134


When you ask someone on a date, is it better to call or send a text or email? There is a preferred method if the goal is to get a - yes. This episode begins by explaining all of this.

When someone walks into your home, they immediately make assumptions about you. So what do people assume about you? What does your home say? According to Winifred Gallagher author of the book, House Thinking: A Room by Room Look at How We Live (, it says a lot. What’s also interesting is that your house and its contents have impact and influence on you – in terms of how you think and behave. Join me as Winifred explains the fascinating and often undetected relationship you have with your home.

Whether or not you are happy depends on a lot of factors. But there is one BIG factor in your life that can make or break your happiness. Listen as I tell you what it is.

If you are able to forgive someone for something you have done to you, that is considered the virtuous and right thing to do. But is it? What if what was done to you is unforgivable – then what? Is forgiveness the only way to unburden yourself? No, according to Gary Egeberg, author of the book, The Forgiveness Myth ( Sometimes forgiveness is NOT the answer and Gary explains what the alternatives are.


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SYSK Choice: How Your Home Impacts You & The Forgiveness Myth

SYSK Choice: How Your Home Impacts You & The Forgiveness Myth

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