DiscoverSomething You Should KnowSYSK Choice: Why You Have Your Unique Personality & Proven Ways to Create A New Habit
SYSK Choice: Why You Have Your Unique Personality & Proven Ways to Create A New Habit

SYSK Choice: Why You Have Your Unique Personality & Proven Ways to Create A New Habit

Update: 2021-04-039


Did you know the weather can affect your buying decisions? Apparently it can and that can be a big factor when you buy a big ticket item like a house or a car. This episode begins with an explanation of why and how the weather impacts such important decisions and why you are more likely to buy a convertible on a sunny day even though it may be a terrible idea.

We like to think we have a personality - but actually we have several. Well actually, more than one. Science writer Rita Carter author of the book The People You Are: The New Science of Personality ( reveals how we all have multiple personalities which all come out in different situations. While it may seem like you simply have different facets of your core personality, Rita explains why it is more complicated than that.

Everyone reading this has tried to make a significant change in their life – and failed! Change is hard however there are some ways to make the process easier and more effortless according to James Clear author of the book Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones ( James’s work on the subject of personal change and habits has appeared in the New York Times, CBS This Morning among others. He joins me to explain how anyone can make big changes that stick. James website is

“Out of the box” and “move the needle” are examples of common business jargon that we can probably do without. This episode concludes with a list of words and phrases people use in business that are unnecessary, vague and often pointless. There are usually better ways to say the same thing.


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SYSK Choice: Why You Have Your Unique Personality & Proven Ways to Create A New Habit

SYSK Choice: Why You Have Your Unique Personality & Proven Ways to Create A New Habit

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