DiscoverStuff You Should KnowSYSK Selects: How The Black Panther Party Worked
SYSK Selects: How The Black Panther Party Worked

SYSK Selects: How The Black Panther Party Worked

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The Black Panther Party was a complex political movement that was unfairly painted as a militant group who hated white people. Far from it, they were actually men and women trying to affect change in their community. Their history is one of the more interesting American stories, from the early stages of policing the police to their community service efforts to their inevitable fall. Learn all about the Black Panther Party in this classic episode.

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Rishabh Karnawat

Extreme-left propaganda.

Jul 24th

Scott D

You should also know... there is a lot more to know about the Black Panther party. This episode neglects a lot of important info you need to have to get comprehensive understanding. The hosts want to leave you with a particular view of the party so they skip info that may affect that. You can admire the party's original goals and disagree with how they chose to achieve them. The world isn't black and white. If this subject is interesting to you and would like a comprehensive look at the good and the bad, I suggest listening to the Martyr Made podcast ep. 4 of God's Socialist. The podcast is top notch

Jul 18th

Johnny Green

liberals suck. Ghettos suck because of the people that live in the ghettos. How is it the white man's fault because they throw trash out their window do you see any trash in the white neighborhoods? Do you see any shootings in the white neighborhood like you do the black neighborhood? People are trapped in the ghettos and they don't know how to get out because they lived there for so long all the old people that you see out there are trapped in their own communities and all these idiot pieces of liberal trash think it's because the the white man well it's not.#trump2020

Jul 13th

blues and browns

this episode very plainly states that gun control is in fact not only inherently racist, it is a method to make minorities easier targets, by making it harder for them to have legal rights to own them. fast forward to 2020 & gun controllers insist being pro second amendment & NOT pro gun control is inherently racist, and a method to make minorities an easier target. Chuck & Josh, perhaps you may want to check yourselves & stance in being in support of gun control.

Jun 14th

Sherrie Lucas

Come on Josh. 258 black people were killed by cops in 2015? First you were talking about lynchings, then all of a sudden, you says cops killed. Really?! You also didn't say how mammy of those people killed, were in the normal line of duty, self defense etc... If you want to be credible and have us believe you, you have to have the facts straight and not spin it. Disappointed. You did so good till then.

Jun 9th
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bull shit

Jun 9th
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Lo K

So proud of this movement.

Jun 7th
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SYSK Selects: How The Black Panther Party Worked

SYSK Selects: How The Black Panther Party Worked