DiscoverBoyz Do CrySZN 2 Finale: Changes
SZN 2 Finale: Changes

SZN 2 Finale: Changes

Update: 2019-01-03


We made it again to the end of another szn! Wow! We reflect yet again on what we had learned in the time of the season. There are changes afoot, changes that we discuss. One major change is Paulina will be moving away to Long Beach. All of our podcasts up to this point has been local within Fresno -- sitting physically with our guests. We think that's the key with our intimate conversations with our guests. But with her moving, we won't be able to do that for every episode now. We have to change. 
Change is often scary. The misty, unknown of tomorrow repels us from moving forward -- clinging to what's familiar. But no matter what, we are constantly changing, some changes come faster than others. We just have to throw caution to the wind and surrender to change. We want to thank you to all who listened to the podcast. We wouldn't be as motivated without your continued listening. I maybe unskilled in writing or it's just the limits of the written word, but you cannot imagine how grateful we are for you all. We want to thank you so very much and we'll see you next szn!


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SZN 2 Finale: Changes

SZN 2 Finale: Changes

Ram Reyes, Paulina Rodriguez