DiscoverA New DirectionSales Pro Mastery – Tips and Techniques – Part 2
Sales Pro Mastery – Tips and Techniques – Part 2

Sales Pro Mastery – Tips and Techniques – Part 2

Update: 2023-02-15


Sales Pro Mastery - Tips and Techniques from an Expert Sales Trainer

What are some of the tips and techniques the most successful sales professionals use to stay at the top of their sales game? Well it's not being clever. It's not being manipulative. It does however require for you to put in the work. It's understanding the buyer. Sales is knowing where the power of decision comes from. Successful sales professionals understand how to use LinkedIn, keep their pipeline full, have great follow-up, know how to network and more! Returning for part 2 on A New Direction, Sales Expert Trainer and Sales Coach Steve Weinberg goes into more detail about becoming a high performing sales professional. If you are in sales, sales manager, CEO or founder, you will want to be tuning into this show!

Above Quota Performance: Tips and Techniques to Becoming a Master Sales Pro

Steve Weinberg's book Above Quota Performance is for every sales professional, sales manager or anyone who leads a sales team.  Whether you are B2B or B2C the principles, tips, and techniques that Steve lays out are up-to-date and ring true in today's competitive sales markets.  Above Quota Performance addresses the most common issues, from bad sales advice, to follow-up, prospecting, understanding your value proposition, knowing your competitive advantage, how to leverage LinkedIn and more!  If you are looking for sales mastery this book is for you.  You can buy it through Amazon right here.  You can connect with Steve on LinkedIn by clicking Here!

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Sales Pro Mastery – Tips and Techniques – Part 2

Sales Pro Mastery – Tips and Techniques – Part 2

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