DiscoverBusiness Beyond 2030Sanket Atal - Intuit India
Sanket Atal - Intuit India

Sanket Atal - Intuit India

Update: 2019-12-21


We’ll kick things off with Sanket Atal. Sanket is the Managing Director of Intuit’s India Development Center which plays a strategic role in their mission of powering prosperity around the world. He leads a team of over 1000 talented employees who deliver key innovations for products that delight millions of small businesses, self-employed customers and consumers around the world. Sanket’s background is in systems engineering and managing large organizations. And his passion for innovation has resulted in him holding multiple patents.

Insights from this episode:

  1. How to identify purpose and build culture in large organizations?

  2. How to approach leadership and identify the values that matter the most to you?

  3. What emerging technologies should we most excited by?

  4. When will blockchain and digital currencies become mainstream?

  5. How did technologies like AI and Machine Learning affect Intuit's product and innovation roadmap?

  6. How can you adapt and localize products to serve emerging markets?

  7. What is Intuit's playbook for open innovation?

  8. What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for Intuit in the coming decade?

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Sanket Atal - Intuit India

Sanket Atal - Intuit India