DiscoverFascinating WomenSara De Raaf - model - metal worker - mom - her own woman
Sara De Raaf - model - metal worker - mom - her own woman

Sara De Raaf - model - metal worker - mom - her own woman

Update: 2021-06-23


Sara De Raaf is a young woman with focus. Her go-to phrase is "Just give 'er" When she focuses on something it pretty much happens. 

She is driven by accountability and responsibility. She really carves out her own path, accepting and working with whatever comes her way. With all that, you would be surprised she is quiet and rather bashful. She works full time in a metal shop, but side hustles with a self-published magazine, models while increasing getting behind the lens in her new photography angle. In the middle of COVID, she leased studio space.. 

This mom of two has a  relationship with her two children, 21 and 11 that is open and honest. Sara cultivated the no topic is out of bounds, no judgement (although she does bit her tongue) and guidance.

Oh, and she lost the bodyweight of an entire person over the last 18 months. That changed a lot in her life.    Sara has not had it easy, doesn't really care, just pushes ahead with her dreams and plans. 

Sara DeRaaf Bio
I am a 37-year-old model from the small town of Brooks, Alberta, Canada, born and raised. I have always grown up in small towns most of my life and a few farms. So I am not afraid to get dirty. I consider myself a bit tomboy/redneck, but always have that girly side to me. Love to get out and have fun and get dirty. I graduated high school a year yearly and continued onto college after that, graduating with a Business and Accounting Diploma. And have been working since. I currently run a large machine shop in my hometown and love the hard work and getting my hands dirty and putting in any and all effort to get the job done. 

 I also have been working as a model for 6 years now and am looking to expand my modelling portfolio.  I have expanded further and taken up photography as well and have been doing that now for two years. Just recently opened my own studio located in Brooks.

 I am all inked Girl with 13 Tattoos (including sleeves) and three piercings and always adding more tattoos. I have grown to love adding artwork to myself and believe that our bodies are our temples, and I am just decorating the walls. I am plus size and tall. I am a hard-working mother to two kids, from ages of adult to just mid-school age and enjoy every minute of it. I love to work hard and keep busy. I currently run the machine shop with some modelling on the side, always looking to expand more with my modelling. I want to show others that size does not matter, everyone is beautiful and takes confidence to show the world.

 See her photography, her magazine  and her here:
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Instagram: @saraderaaf   @insonic_photography     @insonic_boudoir   @shazzlesmag      @shazzleslifestylemagazine     


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Sara De Raaf - model - metal worker - mom - her own woman

Sara De Raaf - model - metal worker - mom - her own woman

Sara De Raaf