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Savage Love Episode 694

Savage Love Episode 694

Update: 2020-02-118


A young man has been dating a woman for a short time. She seems great...except. Except she is anti-abortion, and anti-gay in a lazy, not very heartfelt sort of way. Can he use his sex powers to change her feeble mind? Meanwhile, a woman is dating a guy also for a short time. He told her that if he got her pregnant, he would insist that she keep the child instead of have an abortion. Should she, maybe, dump him immediately? On the Magnum, Dan chats with the writer Jillian Keenan about spanking: It's for grown-ups only please. They discuss the origins of a spanking fetish and whether corporal punishment as a child seeps into an adult's erotic imagination. A married man with a religious upbringing feels shame and guilt about masturbating. His wife contributes to this mindset. His marriage is sexless and even his urologist agrees that he needs to ejaculate already. How can he learn to wank with pride?   Shame and guilt. Keeping us in business since 2006. 206-302-2064  or This episode is brought to you by Calm, the #1 app for sleep and relaxation. For a limited time get 25% off a Calm Premium subscription at . Thanks to Roman for supporting Savage Lovecast. Roman is a men’s health company that offers remote online diagnosis for ED and convenient monthly delivery of medication. For a free online, visit This episode is brought to you by . Get 50% off just about any item, plus free shipping when you enter the offer code "Savage".
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Savage Love Episode 694

Savage Love Episode 694