DiscoverMultifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome MyersScaling Out of the Bedroom - Ivan Barratt
Scaling Out of the Bedroom - Ivan Barratt

Scaling Out of the Bedroom - Ivan Barratt

Update: 2021-11-12


Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the Founder and CEO of Barratt Asset Management, Ivan Barratt.

Let’s dive into Ivan’s story of how to scale your business to get the highest Return Of Investment 

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 - 05:36 ] Opening Segment

  • Ivan talks about the protests happening in the mids of COVID-19
    • racism
  • Connect with Ivan +317.762.2625 or see below for the links 

[05:37 - 14:02 ] Evaluate First Your Potential Partners 

  • Ivan talks about his background and his real estate journey 
  • Ivan mentions Ken McElroy who says real estate is not location, location, location. It's, it's location, financing, and partners. 
  • Ivan shares the importance of evaluating individuals and potential partnerships in order to prevent the awful mistakes he had made before
    • Personality test

[14:03 - 26:48 ]  Scaling Out Of the Bedroom

  • Ivan reveals how to construct the foundation of a strong organization 
    • really good trusted attorney 
    • hired an admin or assistant much faster 
  • Ivan shares his 4 coaches in his life that you wish to listen to! 
  • Ivan shares an interesting story about the significance of having a coach in your life
    • Coach is worth every penny. It’s a huge return of investment
  • Ivan  gives powerful words of wisdom to someone like you who wants to scale a business
    • What do I have to do today, that will move the chains on where I'm trying to be Tomorrow
    • Read five to eight business books over the course of the year

Tweetable Quotes: 

“Don't let that fear or those things slow you down” -Ivan Barratt

“You gotta delegate so that you can elevate” -Ivan Barratt

Resources Mentioned: 

You can connect with Ivan on Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram 

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Scaling Out of the Bedroom - Ivan Barratt

Scaling Out of the Bedroom - Ivan Barratt

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