Scaling Your Personal Brand with a Team with Meg Casebolt

Scaling Your Personal Brand with a Team with Meg Casebolt

Update: 2021-05-25


Episode #175. How do you grow your brand without losing (or outsourcing) your personality? Scaling and evolving your brand can be a tricky transition, especially when new team members become part of your brand. What can simplify this transition? How do you grow a business that’s based on you but not done by just you? Meg Casebolt and I chat about this business brand evolution and what it looks like in our own businesses in this episode of the Go-to Gal podcast.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What happens when you outgrow your personal brand
  • The business systems that can help with brand transitions
  • How to draw a line between you and your brand
  • Growing a team that works with your personal brand
  • How to be consistent with your content as your business evolves
  • Plus, accountability tips and tricks to get things done!

Favorite Quotes

“My ideas aren't always the best ideas. They are just mine. Having other people going through their processes took me out of being the center of the conversation and more being in the leadership of the conversation.”

“For people who are subject matter experts, your team has to learn your voice and your subject matter.” 

“I was the team member before I was the team leader. That's where the mindset shift came in of going from service provider to CEO and needing to hold the vision more than needing to manage the production.

More About Meg:

Meg has been helping female business owners create beautiful, search-friendly websites and strategic content for the past 6 years.

She is your no-B.S. bestie who makes it super easy for the client’s dream customers to find – and adore! – clients online, resulting in effortless web traffic, consistent customers, soaring profit and SO much more free time (and sanity)!

SEO is her vehicle for amplifying female entrepreneurial voices and empowering women to help their families, communities, and the wider world flourish.

Her approach is simple: she doesn’t believe in quick-fix formulas that promise the world but break your heart when you realize they don’t work. She believes in cultivating genuine relationships and honoring them with smart strategy and strategic content that adds value. 

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Scaling Your Personal Brand with a Team with Meg Casebolt

Scaling Your Personal Brand with a Team with Meg Casebolt

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