DiscoverTrend LightlyScandoval: Tom, Raquel, and the Lightning Bolt Necklaces
Scandoval: Tom, Raquel, and the Lightning Bolt Necklaces

Scandoval: Tom, Raquel, and the Lightning Bolt Necklaces

Update: 2023-03-07


WE LOVE YOU, ARIANA!!! Before we get in to the utterly disturbing Vanderpump Rules info that was shat in our laps on Friday, Molls and Tiff celebrate the one year anniversary of the Womblands saga, explore the rumors about Ice Spice and Pete Davidson dating (they're not), Meghan and Harry's eviction from Buckingham Palace grounds, and Tiffany's favorite UK live streamer's trip to the mental hospital after her DV arrest.

We had to cut segments about New York Magazine's Ozempic story (major TW) and Chris Rock's first statements about Will & Jada since the slap for time, but you can find them on our Patreon


Womblands turns one

Our Womblands episode from 2022

False rumor that Pete Davidson is dating Ice Spice took over Twitter

King Charles told Harry & Meghan to vacate Frogmore Cottage so Prince Andrew can move in

Inside Frogmore Cottage

All of Chelsea Lee Art's catchphrases in one place

Chelsea attacks boyfriend on live (Trigger warning DV)

People are live streaming her through her hospital window

TOM SANDOVAL & ARIANA MADIX CALL IT QUITS … Allegations He Cheated With Costar Raquel Leviss

TikTok creator CoccaCocca’s breakdown of the Sandoval and Raquel affair

Tom attended a beauty pageant Raquel was in in April 2022 and thanked a woman who complimented her beauty

Scheana allegedly punched Raquel after they appeared on WWHL, leaving her with a black eye 

Raquel’s sister possibly confirms this in a Twitter exchange with Surver Charli

Scheana shows up with Katie and Kristen to support Ariana, seemingly has bruised knuckles

Bravo has possibly been including Easter Eggs about the affair. This pile of jewelry was in a clip of Schwartz new bachelor pad. Fans speculate Sandoval may have been using his apartment to carry out the affair

Schwartz has been answering questions about his supposed fling with Raquel (with Sandoval right next to him) for months

Fan-made PowerPoint to explain the Tom/Ariana/Raquel affair and the overall messiness/overlap within the group

Ariana finds out about Tom’s affair at his band’s show

VPR Relationship overlap flow chart

Raquel’s friend comes in to the Vanderpump Rules Reddit to share some more details about their affair

Tom’s lightening bolt necklace was made by their friend Kyle Chan

Schwartz & Sandy’s made an official statement on their IG page

Sandoval makes a public apology to the fans and asks them to leave his restaurant employees alone

Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner Greg is actively responding to comments on the restaurant’s IG page

A fan paints over Tom on the cover and of Fancy AF cocktails

Buy Ariana’s Drink From Home cocktail kit and Cloud Berry syrup

Patrick Somrs posts receipts to his IG about another affair Tom was having with a woman named Julia. He apparently told Julia he wanted to marry her and made her have an abortion (Patrick’s reliability is being questioned)

Tom allegedly was all over yet another woman at the after party for his Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras in Anaheim the day after news of the affair broke

At the time of recording, there have been 6 megathreads on r/BravoRealHousewives

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Super cut edit of transphobes talking to their city councils

Prince Harry says psychedelics are ‘fundamental’ part of his life

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Scandoval: Tom, Raquel, and the Lightning Bolt Necklaces

Scandoval: Tom, Raquel, and the Lightning Bolt Necklaces

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