DiscoverCSaP: The Science & Policy PodcastScience, Policy & Pandemics: Episode 16 - Cities & Covid-19
Science, Policy & Pandemics: Episode 16 - Cities & Covid-19

Science, Policy & Pandemics: Episode 16 - Cities & Covid-19

Update: 2020-07-10


In the 16th episode of our series on science, policy, and pandemics, our host Dr Rob Doubleday and expert guests are exploring how public health understandings of cities, and broader understandings of how people live in cities, are being highlighted and challenged by our current experience of the covid-19 pandemic.

CSaP's Science and Policy Podcast is a production of the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge. This series on science, policy and pandemics is produced in partnership with Cambridge Infectious Diseasesand the Cambridge Immunology Network. This episode has also been produced in partnership with TIGR2ESS.

Our guests this week:

VK Madhavanis the Chief Executive of Wateraid India. He holds a Master’s in International Politics from Jawaharlal Nehru University and has previously worked with organisations including ActionAid, The Hunger Project and the Central Himalayan Rural Action Group. He is a TED Global Fellow and has served as an Independent Consultant to the High Level Committee on Status of Women in India.

Dr Tolullah Oniis a Public Health Physician Scientist and urban epidemiologist, and a Clinical Senior Research fellow with the Cambridge MRC Unit’s Global Public Health Research programme. She has previously established a Research Initiative for Cities Health and Equity (RICHE) in South Africa, and she continues to conduct transdisciplinary urban health research focused on generating evidence to support development and implementation of healthy public policies in rapidly growing cities.

Professor Ash Amin is based in the 1931 Professor of Geography at Cambridge University. He is known for his work in urban, cultural, and economic geography. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and a Foreign Member of the Italian Academia Nazionale Dei Lincei.


CSaP: The Science & Policy Podcast is hosted by CSaP Executive Director Dr Rob Doubleday, and is edited and produced by CSaP Communications Coordinator Kate McNeil. If you have feedback about this episode, or questions you would like us to address in a future week, please email

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Science, Policy & Pandemics: Episode 16 - Cities & Covid-19

Science, Policy & Pandemics: Episode 16 - Cities & Covid-19

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