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Sciuridology (SQUIRRELS) with Karen Munroe

Sciuridology (SQUIRRELS) with Karen Munroe

Update: 2023-07-268


Flying squirrels. Fox squirrels. Giant squirrels. Tiny ones. Grey ones. Black ones. Fluorescent ones? Alie is losing her mind talking to dream guest and Sciuridologist, Dr. Karen Munroe. This Baldwin Wallace University professor has studied squirrels for decades and addresses where they sleep, how many babies they have, if they bite each other’s junk, how they find their acorns, Marvel movies, birdfeeder drama, imported squirrels, melanistic morphs, world domination, fistfights with birders, the rarest squirrel, the best place for squirrel tourism and more. You’ll scatter hoard so many nuggets of squirrel trivia. Enjoy. 

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Sciuridology (SQUIRRELS) with Karen Munroe

Sciuridology (SQUIRRELS) with Karen Munroe

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