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Scratching The Surface With THE BLOODS

Scratching The Surface With THE BLOODS

Update: 2022-09-22


Coming from the working town of Newcastle, hard rock outfit The Bloods have a fair sense of what to expect from the music industry.
With a solid work ethic already engrained in the members DNA the battle is part way won.
The rest comes by way of dedication, sacrifice and ability, all three of which it seems are already in effect judging by their efforts in putting together shows and being prepared to travel far and wide to spread the gospel of music.
With a string of shows lined up to round out the year and a new single incoming around December, HEAVY decided to catch up with Jay and Danny from The Bloods, a band who claim to "put the party back in metal."
First topic for discussion was their next gig at the Tote in Melbourne on September 30, headlined by the mighty Frankenbok with support from Coffin Carousel, Glasshawk, The Bloods and He Who Seeks Vengeance.
"It's gonna be amazing," Jay began."We had this idea that this year we wanted to do Queensland, we wanted to do Melbourne and then obviously work with some lovely people in the industry. To jump on a show with Frankenbok and Coffin Carousel from down there and He Who Seeks Vengeance coming for their return show in three years it's gonna be a cracker."In the full interview, the boys talk more about the September 30 show, two more they have coming after that, the importance of being proactive in music, their next single The End, a history on the band, forming during COVID and how hard it was to establish the band, putting the party in metal and how they plan to do it, future music and more.








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Scratching The Surface With THE BLOODS

Scratching The Surface With THE BLOODS

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