DiscoverThe TMI Project PodcastSeason 1: Tragedy + Time = Comedy Trailer
Season 1: Tragedy + Time = Comedy Trailer

Season 1: Tragedy + Time = Comedy Trailer

Update: 2020-01-27


Season 1 of The TMI Project Podcast, Tragedy + Time = Comedy, will be released on April 1, 2020 with eight episodes, including:

  • An ethnomusicologist facing her grief through stand up comedy.
  • A gas station clerk once consumed with rage finds her true voice.
  • A fan-fiction writer who wakes up in Benedictine Hospital Psych Ward.

Over ten years, TMI Project has collected nearly 2,000 stories. And now, in The TMI Project Podcast, we’re releasing some of our favorites, along with profiles of the brave and fascinating people who got on stage and shared the stories they were most afraid to tell. It’s about the stories behind the secrets, and what happened next. Season one: Tragedy + Time = Comedy launches April 1, 2020.

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Episode Contributors:

Eva Tenuto, TMI Project Co-founder, Executive Director, & Podcast Co-host

Micah Blumenthal, TMI Project Workshop Leader & Podcast Co-host

Hayley Downs, TMI Project Podcast Producer

Anchor Episode: Verrna Gillis, Storyteller

Dusty Childress, Storyteller

Sam Osterhout, Storyteller

Erin Baretto, Storyteller

Erica Chase Salerno, Storyteller

Margarita Meyendorff, Storyteller

Maria Elena DeValle, Storyteller

Markel Mosley, Storyteller

Blake Pfeil, Operations Manager, TMI Project

Sara DeRose, External Affairs Director, TMI Project

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Season 1: Tragedy + Time = Comedy Trailer

Season 1: Tragedy + Time = Comedy Trailer

Eva Tenuto, Maria Elena DeValle, Verna Gillis, Erica Chase Salerno, Hayley Downs, Markel Mosley, Dusty Childress, Erin Baretto, Sam Osterhout, Micah Blumenthal, Sara DeRose, Blake Pfeil, Margarita Meyendorff