DiscoverLeader Talks with Anne-Marie Pham powered by CCDISeason 2, Episode 1 | Guest: Brian Carwana
Season 2, Episode 1 | Guest: Brian Carwana

Season 2, Episode 1 | Guest: Brian Carwana

Update: 2023-01-13


Canada is one of the most religiously diverse liberal democracies in the world, but unfortunately the level of religious literacy in the country is very low. This lack of understanding of different belief systems is the root cause of the high levels of hate crimes experienced by minority groups. Today’s guest, Brian Carwana (also known as the ReligionsGeek), is passionate about advancing religious literacy through contact theory. In today’s episode, he explains how his organization, Encounter World Religions, explores different religions, creates connections, and facilitates open conversations in order to eliminate harmful biases, discriminatory practices, and acts of hate. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Brian Carwana, also known as the ReligionsGeek. 
  • Brian explains what religious literacy is. 
  • Comparing religious diversity in Canada and the US. 
  • Problems that can arise as a result of a lack of religious literacy. 
  • Some of the hate crimes that have taken place in Canada in recent years. 
  • Examples of religious discrimination (often unintentional) in the workplace.
  • The impacts that religious discrimination and hate crimes have on communities.
  • What research shows about the psychological safety of religious minorities in Canada.  
  • The increase in hate crimes in Canada in the past few years.
  • Positive trends in the religious diversity space in Canada. 
  • Factors that are responsible for religious-based hate.
  • The goal of Brian’s organization, Encounter World Religions. 
  • How you can address the issue of religious bias in your own life.
  • Examples of how to reduce religious bias in the workplace, and resources that will help.
  • The four stages of religious literacy.

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Season 2, Episode 1 | Guest: Brian Carwana

Season 2, Episode 1 | Guest: Brian Carwana

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