DiscoverAfterEdSeason 2, Episode 2 - Ted Dintersmith
Season 2, Episode 2 - Ted Dintersmith

Season 2, Episode 2 - Ted Dintersmith

Update: 2019-04-10



Ted Dintersmith

Author, Speaker, Producer, Advocate

Find anything and everything about Ted at and on Twitter @dintersmith

  • What’s the disconnect between our personal passions for education and kids coming out great and what is stated about education in polls? Is it sign of our hopelessness rather than our not caring? Or is there something else going on entirely?

  • You’re a Virginia guy...a lot of times I hear people say “we can’t do that here.” So, let’s debunk some things what’s possible in the Commonwealth as far as innovation is concerned?

  • When you look at modern organizations that are truly thriving, a lot of the decision making is decentralized. I think of a few different things and maybe you can draw a connection with all of these, but I think of Toyota, Clayton Christensen’s work, lean startup principles from Eric Ries, and design thinking at IDEO. And yet, in education, if I have a great idea, I can’t implement without approval from 10 different people. I’m not flexible enough or agile. Why is that and what are the intended & unintended consequences? 

  • You were recently in the Richmond Metro area helping to launch the Virginia is for Learners Innovation Network. Would you talk a little about what the network is hoping to achieve and why?

  • Final question Ted. I want to be a voice for students for a minute. At some point in their school career, they will begin to hate school. What should students say and/or do about that? Or should they just sit down and do what they’re told?


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Season 2, Episode 2 - Ted Dintersmith

Season 2, Episode 2 - Ted Dintersmith

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