DiscoverZorkCast powered by TravelZorkSeason 5 - Episode 107 Vegas Predictions 2021
Season 5 - Episode 107 Vegas Predictions 2021

Season 5 - Episode 107 Vegas Predictions 2021

Update: 2021-01-14


There’s a lot of unpredictability about 2021, like when UK travelers will be able to fly into Vegas or whether Planet Hollywood is getting sold to Hard Rock. Today hosts Steve White and Michael Trager leverage their casino expertise to share their top 2021 Las Vegas predictions.

After a quick catch-up, we dive into the topic by first exploring the rumors around casino sales — rumors that touch on big names like MGM, the Venetian, and Cosmopolitan, to name a few. We also discuss speculations about if Derek Stevens should buy a property on the strip, when Resorts World might open, and whether this upcoming New Year’s Eve will be the party of the century.

While reflecting on his love for Mohegan Sun, Michael talks about why their fully (nationally) integrated loyalty program will help them make a success out of the old Hard Rock Las Vegas (the new Virgin Las Vegas).

With few to no Vegas conventions, we look into generous casino offers for the first half of the year. Later, Steve provides insight into the UK lockdown and when his fellow Brits will be allowed to visit Vegas. Tune in as we clear the fog of uncertainty and give you a clearer picture of what Las Vegas in 2021 might look like.

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Season 5 - Episode 107 Vegas Predictions 2021

Season 5 - Episode 107 Vegas Predictions 2021

Michael Mason Trager and Steve White