DiscoverActive TownsSeason One Wrap-Up, Good Bye 2020!
Season One Wrap-Up, Good Bye 2020!

Season One Wrap-Up, Good Bye 2020!

Update: 2020-12-31


Show Notes:

In addition to John's very brief reflections, he goes on to provide some surprise bonus material at the end of the main recording; a brief overview countdown of each of the 52 episodes.

See below for links to each of the episode landing pages which feature special photos and video links.

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Season One Episode Landing Page Links:

Active Towns Podcast Intro

Episode 1: Wading into Walkability w/ Heyden Black Walker

Episode 2: Growing Old(er) w/ Preston Tyree

Episode 3: Reconnecting to Your Community w/ Darcy Kitching

Episode 4: It Could Be Me w/ Triny Willerton

Episode 5: Dream it, Plan it, GO FOR IT! w/ Katie Deolloz

Episode 6: Ready to Ride w/ Mathias Ihlenfeld

Episode 7: Getting Out There w/ Ryan Van Duzer

Episode 8: Rolling Forward with MoveATX w/ Jim Wick

Episode 9: Updates from Bike Austin & Walk Austin

Episode 10: Main Street Transformation w/ Victor Dover & Raphael Clemente

Episode 11: Going Dutch w/ Chris Bruntlett

Episode 12: Tactical Urbanism in a Pandemic w/ Mike Lydon

Episode 13: Building Strong Towns w/ Chuck Marohn

Episode 14: It's All City Building w/ Mark Nickita

Episode 15: Composing a Compelling Narrative w/ Kea Wilson

Episode 16: Fighting Traffic w/ Peter Norton

Episode 17: Places People Love w/ Lynn Richards

Episode 18: Inspiring Vibrancy w/ Amanda Popken

Episode 19: Why The Overhead Wire w/ Jeff Wood
Episode 20: A Walker In LA w/ Alissa Walker

Episode 21: Following Footprints w/ Dom Nozzi & Maggie Waddoups

Episode 22: Active Explorations w/ Holly Bennett

Episode 23: Cultivating Community w/ Kevin Shepherd

Episode 24: Startup CEO Reflections w/ Jennifer Baird

Episode 25: Streets for Everyone w/ Jill Locantore

Episode 26: Rebuild Restore Renew w/ Roshun Austin

Episode 27: Shared Paths Boulder w/ Graham Hill

Episode 28: Run This World w/ Nicole DeBoom

Episode 29: Induced Demand Innovations w/ Curtis Rogers

Episode 30: A Session w/ Transportation Psychologist Bryan Jones

Episode 31: Exploring Every Street w/ Janelle Naess

Episode 32: Live Your Gold Medal Life w/ Susanne Menge

Episode 33: Discussing Our Transport Future w/ Todd Litman

Episode 34: PeopleFor Bikes - Local Innovations w/ Kyle Wagenschutz & Sara Studdard

Episode 35: All Aboard w/ Mike Christensen

Episode 36: Make a Difference w/ Charles Brown

Episode 37: A Bike Friendly Episode w/ Bill Nesper

Episode 38: Rolling Down the Road w/ Commissioner Ellis & Fernando Martinez

Episode 39: Seville's "Overnight" Bike Network Success w/ Manuel Calvo

Episode 40: Lovable Places & People Habitats w/ Kaid Benfield

Episode 41: A Wish For Wheels w/ Brad Appel

Episode 42: The Joy of Riding Again w/ Lennard Zinn

Episode 43: Parking Reforms w/ Donald Shoup

Episode 44: Bikepacking w/ Ryan Van Duzer (video)

Episode 45: Reclaiming the Right of Way w/ Angie Schmitt

Episode 46: Up For Anything w/ Pam LeBlanc (video)

Episode 47: Human-Scaled Accessibility w/ Meredith Glaser

Episode 48: Rolling Down Santa Barbara's Car-Free Main Street w/ Frank Peters (video)

Episode 49: Talking Fietsstraats or Bicycle Streets w/ Matt Pinder & Justin Jones

Episode 50: America Walks w/ Mike McGinn

Episode 51: How We Get Around w/ Andy Boenau

Episode 52: Taking Action w/ Jonathan Fertig (video)

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Season One Wrap-Up, Good Bye 2020!

Season One Wrap-Up, Good Bye 2020!

John Simmerman