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Second Guessing Myself

Second Guessing Myself

Update: 2019-03-252



I need to be quieter on social media and even quieter about being quiet. Ha. I need to stay confident and consistent with my new nomad life. Stop making grand announcements and starting projects I don’t complete. I think there’s a balance to find.


It’s an incredibly long story that started about two years ago

Part of the reason why I started cutting expenses and going minimalist

Minimalism was a method to cure my problems

I’m working as hard as I can to fix the situation but it’s still hard to sleep at night


I’m tired of waiting for the YouTube Membership feature so I’m officially announcing my Patreon page

I’m going to be posting all of my old videos and uploading editing breakdown videos.

Doing Q&As live on there

Any help is insanely appreciated


I love India and want strengthen our relationship

If you support her and her work, I see it and really appreciate that

That’s all I want to share on the topic

Work and outreach

For anyone paying attention, it has been pretty apparent that things have been tough for me these past two years

I’m done waiting for things to get better, I need to get up and make changes happen myself

Instagram post by Drock -

Making the effort to reach out to friends

Sitting down with people and talking is so helpful for me

Planning shoots and projects

Doing more to send emails to brands I want to work with and re-connecting with those I already did

Travel film productions

Do I want to schedule formal travel film trips?

Hire someone to travel with me like Brett Conti?

Sponsor-based or on my own

Seems like a great fit for travel couples similar to shooting wedding films

Traveling alone

I need to be okay with being alone. I need to maintain a calmness and intentionality. Tim Kellner is my biggest inspiration. He travels around but is quiet about where he is or going. He seems to be alone and able to work/travel solo but still has friends. He barely posts to Instagram, YouTube and Twitter but when he does they are always high quality and intentional posts.

Spontaneous trips vs planned

I’m having a lot of trouble going on spontaneous trips. I never have a plan when I visit a place and that might be what’s wrong with my process. Something is wrong at the moment.

I’m starting to think that living out a backpack is stupid. I should just be able to live minimally in LA or NYC or Colorado and have a light filmmaking gear kit for when I do travel.

Travel community

Ask for travel advice abroad and from locals

Meet up with anyone local or visiting

Invite any filmmakers to come visit and collaborate on projects


What future am I promising members if they follow me and join my community?

A life with intention

Control your path






Travel the world

Be your own boss

Make money

Grow your business

Make friends

Grow as an individual



Digital nomad


Growth process

Create content

Set clear expectations to audience

Share your creative process

Promote those who inspire you

Started a business

Promote that business

Get rid of anything you don’t need

Eliminate distractions and expenses

Simplify your creation process

I don’t have the answers but I’m willing to share my journey to make this a reality

I would like to help other people do what I’m doing


Follow my journey

Add value to the community

Answer questions

Contribute to discussions

Share helpful advice

Share your experiences

Highlight leaders

Leaders inspire, teach and share opportunities

Empower leaders within the community

Identify their expertise and celebrate their leadership

Give them value in the form of recognition and status among the community

Trip to Bali

Single Travel Film on YouTube

A few photo posts

Daily Instagram photo and video stories

Didn’t have many expectations for the trip

Mood change

I’m starting to get different feelings about travel filmmaking.

The more I get into something the less interesting it is to do it but more interesting to share how

This is exactly what happened with Weddings and why I stopped

Virtual assistants

Should I hire someone online to reach out to companies for me?

Advice from Tim Ferris 4 hour work week

Is this just for travel filmmaking or can I implement this in other areas?

Content density

The same story delivered in different ways and in different sizes

Different sized version of media do different things and attract different people

Amount of filming compressed into packages

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and podcast


Every major city has an amazing spot to run. It’s tough to shoot a video about running though. As I travel I want to always go for runs to feel like a local and stay fit. Eventually I’d like it to become an even bigger part of my travels. Ever since reading the “Why I Run” book I have dreamt of living in different places and just running, eating, drinking and doing something creative.


Podcast interviews with other creators

What is the best way to interview creators?

Make tutorials for other people

Want to put them on YouTube


Zhiyun Weebill Lab

Warm vs cold locations

Clothing switch up

Camping gear

Get motorcycle license

Get FAA 107 certification

$18 Cup of Coffee vs $2 Batch Brew - Best Coffee in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Coffee Tour

How can I make it interesting?

Drone shots of locations

Shot in a hosted kind of way?

Need someone to assist filming the entire day

Test the extraction lab’s $18 coffee

Extraction Lab


Parlour Coffee Roasters

City of Saints

Zhiyun Weebill Lab Gimbal Review

Get the base plate and setup perfected

Get someone to spend the day going around New York City testing footage

Insta360 Camera Review

Possibly go on a motorbike, water ski or Colorado ski trip?

Digital Nomad Minimalism

Read digital minimalist book

Do some good research on the topic

What do I want to say with this video?

Bali Travel Film

Two weeks of traveling around Bali into one single travel vlog

Just a chronological account of what I’ve been up to

Wedding Film School

Behind the scenes of other filmmakers

Booking my own weddings to slowly get back into the game

Want to take things slow and give it the effort it deserves









Second Guessing Myself

Second Guessing Myself

Kraig Adams