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Where is the line between what is real and what is imaginary? It seems like an easy question to answer: if you can see it, hear it, or touch it, then it's real, right? But what if this way of thinking is limiting one of the greatest gifts of the mind? This week, we meet people who experience the invisible as real, and learn how they hone their imaginations to see the world with new eyes.
Comments (9)

Oscar Obians

This is just full of demonic new age stuff

May 19th

Joy Fitzgerald

The direction was confusing. It felt like I was listening to someone who couldn't decide whether or not they believe in things beyond the material. It might have been an easier listen if they had come to a more specific point.

Mar 23rd

Lance Colyer

I'm also an avid listener who found the tangential direction of this show unusual. I love science and understanding. And although I was brought up Catholic, I have moved away from the church without discarding it altogether. My love for pragmatic solutions to the world and some understanding of the universe around me drive many of my beliefs as to why things are. But I have experienced too many "coincidences" and frankly unexplainable events to discount the existence of intangible influences in the world. I'm an old school technologist who worked in creative technology, who witnessed invention, innovation and the creation of things not in existence. I've had colleagues feel as strongly about the scientific method as others who felt the need to connect to a higher power. I think there is something to both views, just in their respective worlds. Now if only people were more accepting of dissenting, nay, alternative viewpoints, we may find more answers to how the world works for all of us.

Mar 2nd


I'll echo the other comments. Love this channel, and I stayed til the end of this episode to say this: it was a head scratcher.

Feb 10th

John-Sebastian Barrera

Love your show, am an avid listener nonetheless this episode was a complete waste of time.

Feb 8th

Mohammad Djalal

Some people can't bear the "existence of the fact that we don't have knowledge about them" yet. So, if I can't interpret them, I deny them. Although they can't tell us simply who they are, they don't deny themselves.

Feb 2nd

John Buckner

I love Hidden Brain, but this was a truly awful episode. I felt dumber after listening to it.

Jan 29th


Oh look, delusional religious people again.

Jan 28th

Abi Marie Ainley

I feel like I need to balance out the other comment haha. This episode isn't directly science-based because science as yet knows very little about the imagination or these kinds of experiences, so it is more philosophical. It poses the interesting question of whether spirituality can be harnessed from a scientific/more rationalist perspective to provide a positive impact in someone's life. This isn't about mental illness but about consciously working the imagination and honing it to alter your subjective perspective. Very interesting, thanks!

Jan 28th
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