DiscoverHow To Build A Dating AppSecrets of a Dragon Slayer (Episode Commentary) with John Kershaw
Secrets of a Dragon Slayer (Episode Commentary) with John Kershaw

Secrets of a Dragon Slayer (Episode Commentary) with John Kershaw

Update: 2019-07-22


In the final episode of our special ‘mini series’ trilogy discussing John Kershaw's pitch on BBC's Dragons’ Den, we have John talk us through his pitch from the episode and create a contestant's commentary. This is surely the first time this has been done for a pitch on the show (probably). You’re welcome, BBC! This is a stand-alone bonus trilogy so you do not need to have listened to our previous episodes to enjoy this one.

You can watch John's pitch on M14 Industries' YouTube channel here:

Exciting points from this episode include:

00:53 Director's Commentary:

As the team settle in to watch John’s pitch to the Dragons, John talks us through his initial trepidations and his whole approach to his pitch: the beard, the shirt, and what exactly you end up doing while you’re waiting for the lift to take you into the Den.

05:53 The Pitch

The three most polished minutes of John’s life (his words!). John takes us through the anatomy of his pitch – his style, body language, “mic drop” moments and verbal killing blows, stunning statistics, the product he was actually pitching, and how much practice it takes to give a pitch that makes the Dragons smile.

17:00 Post-Pitch Discussion and Offers

John goes head to head with the Dragons, explaining M14 Industries and Bristlr, sidestepping NDA issues. We also discuss some vital – but lengthy - points that didn’t make the edit, and John’s surprise at suddenly finding that five Dragons are keen to invest in his business, and just how fragile, and complicated, that became.

39:30 Deal Done!

John talks us through his initial thought process when he was given offers by all five Dragons and how this played out on the episode. We also discuss his thoughts in hindsight on how well he did, if he would change anything, and his feelings about his Dragons’ Den experience – and this episode.

Quotes of Dragon Slayer:

John: (03:31 ) "This is my drama GCSE coming to the fore"

Kaitlyn: (04:16 ) "You're running a business, you haven't got time to iron the back of your shirt"

John: (08:28 ) "So I'm explaining the old, the new, still not solving the problem. By the way, did I mention billions and billions of pounds?"

John: (12:10 ) "I’ve done this exact pitch enough times where people like about 20 minutes in like, "oh BEARD, I thought you said beer!" And they think that it's like a pilsner-matching service"

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Secrets of a Dragon Slayer (Episode Commentary) with John Kershaw

Secrets of a Dragon Slayer (Episode Commentary) with John Kershaw

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