DiscoverThe Neighborhood RealtorSecrets of a Small Town Realtor & Influencer — Bethany Nolan, TX
Secrets of a Small Town Realtor & Influencer — Bethany Nolan, TX

Secrets of a Small Town Realtor & Influencer — Bethany Nolan, TX

Update: 2022-08-23


Bethany Nolan is a Real Estate Agent based in Longview Texas—she’s one of NAR’s 30 under 30 Realtors, an Instagram sensation, and a brokerage owner. Above all else, she’s a community-first Realtor. 

Bethany has been in real estate for 5 years, and has already garnered an amazing level of success in the industry. A smash hit! In 2021, Bethany did 54 transactions, with a total value of $14.2 million. A majority of her work comes in the form of small town & rural deals, bringing her average deal size well under the Texas state average, making her production results extra impressive. 

Her boutique brokerage is named Nolan Properties, LLC., a small, but powerful brokerage, with offices in several Texas locations and a fantastic team of agents. Bethany’s brokerage was a pandemic project for her, and it allowed her to niche down on what she really wanted to do in the real estate industry—cultivate relationships and build her community. Their motto is “We Sell Texas”. It might be a large shoe (boot, rather) to fill, but Nolan Properties fills and exceeds the expectations in their ambitious motto.

In a place like small—town Texas, the lower average deal price is both a blessing and a curse. Bethany believes it is a great asset to her business, as it allows her and her business to serve more clients. The math is simple: after a decade of helping double the clients, your database will be massive, and your name will be known. 

Community is one of the main drivers for Bethany. She believes there is “no excuse” for not being active in a community, especially as a real estate agent. It’s not for the business—it’s for you. Bethany is proud to be an enthusiastic member of multiple local organizations, including the Rotary Club and the local softball Junior League. It helps her keep tabs on her market, her clients, and the community at large, which helps her serve better! She doesn’t show up to events and gatherings with a name tag or tell everyone she’s a realtor. Instead, she builds friendships. The rest is history. 

The string that pulls everything together is social media. Bethany has garnished over 30,000 followers on Instagram alone in the last year, harnessing the power of reels and short-form videos. Her approach is simple: educate! Every time a client asks a question, she writes it down and makes a video about it. Whether she meets a client at a softball game or gets introduced via phone call, her Instagram and Facebook pages keep her database engaged and interested in her work. As a bonus, her content reduces client questions and increases trust, all while making it easy to find her anywhere you look. 

All in all, Bethany is a community-first Realtor, a non-stop content creator, and an amazing business owner. 

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Secrets of a Small Town Realtor & Influencer — Bethany Nolan, TX

Secrets of a Small Town Realtor & Influencer — Bethany Nolan, TX

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