DiscoverEasy PreySecuring Your IoT Smarthome with Amanda Fennell
Securing Your IoT Smarthome with Amanda Fennell

Securing Your IoT Smarthome with Amanda Fennell

Update: 2021-09-29


Home technology can be hacked. Anything from a coffee machine or LED light to a TV or a doorbell. We understand the risk of being vulnerable on our tablets and phones, but you’ll be shocked to realize how much data is collected from our other smart devices and how those very same devices can lead to a much wider compromise. Many of us don’t even know how many devices are on our connected networks, so we better listen up.

Today’s guest is Amanda Fennell. Amanda is the Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Officer at Relativity. In her role, she is responsible for championing and directing their tech and security strategies including risk management and compliance practices. She has a Master’s degree in Forensic Science and over 15 years of experience in Forensics and Cyber Security. 

Show Notes:

  • [1:12 ] - Amanda explains Relativity, her roles in the company, and how she was drawn to this field.
  • [3:35 ] - Many people assume Amanda has all the new and greatest technology but knowing the risks of exploitation, she is selective.
  • [4:25 ] - There are a multitude of devices that people don’t even realize they connect to their network.
  • [5:23 ] - Because of the sheer volume of devices, hackers can do a sweep and use the information gathered.
  • [6:32 ] - The number one security problem is keeping things up to date.
  • [8:16 ] - Amanda walks through the simple steps of hacking smart devices.
  • [9:40 ] - Amanda demonstrates how hacking something seemingly inconsequential can lead to accessing more.
  • [11:23 ] - You need to know what’s connected to your network. You have more than you think.
  • [12:41 ] - Surprisingly, there are connected lightbulbs that people sacrifice security for ease of access.
  • [14:02 ] - When guests come over and you share your password, did you take their access back?
  • [15:15 ] - Amanda is a big fan of segregating your network. She describes what this means.
  • [16:29 ] - How can you segregate your network?
  • [18:08 ] - Amanda suggests using WireShark.
  • [19:39 ] - Many people hang on and use old routers because they still function, but most are not supported with updates after just a few years.
  • [21:18 ] - It is also common practice to use identifying information as passwords and device names.
  • [22:33 ] - Even Direct TV can be hacked. How can this be used against you?
  • [23:30 ] - Amanda shares an investigation and how she used a printer spool file.
  • [25:06 ] - Medical devices, printers, and copiers can be hacked.
  • [27:29 ] - Amanda describes the differences between two security companies and what she advises doing to stay secure.
  • [31:40 ] - How can you implement ongoing monitoring and detection in your home network?
  • [33:52 ] - Implement updating devices into your monthly or weekly routine.
  • [36:03 ] - You can do a scan on your network and even ask a friend for help.
  • [37:28 ] - Smart coffee and smart fridges seem simple but can be used for targeting phishing and even when you are leaving the house.
  • [39:33 ] - Just making yourself a little less accessible could deter a hacker because others will be easier.
  • [41:43 ] - Amanda shares how false donations were used in fraud.
  • [43:25 ] - We all deserve to have our information private and secure but it also needs to be personally accessible. That’s the risk.

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Securing Your IoT Smarthome with Amanda Fennell

Securing Your IoT Smarthome with Amanda Fennell

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