DiscoverEasy PreySecurity Challenges and Risks with Robert Siciliano
Security Challenges and Risks with Robert Siciliano

Security Challenges and Risks with Robert Siciliano

Update: 2022-06-29


All security is personal. It’s important for each individual to understand the risk of predators so we can protect ourselves, our data, and our finances. Today’s guest is Robert Siciliano. Robert is a security expert and private investigator, number 1 Amazon best-selling author of five books, and an architect of the CSI Protection Certification, a cyber-social identity and personal protection security awareness training program. He is a frequent speaker and media commentator and the CEO of Robert has been featured on CNN, Fox News, and in The Wall Street Journal.

Show Notes:

  • [1:02 ] - Robert shares his background and career, beginning with self-defense training in the 90’s.
  • [2:40 ] - At the start, Robert operated his business through a catalog and through live training. Once he offered credit card payments, he was hacked.
  • [3:58 ] - There will always be a criminal element out there looking for a target.
  • [5:01 ] - All security is personal, including both physical and virtual.
  • [5:55 ] - Chris shares an experience of owning an online bookstore.
  • [7:32 ] - Regardless of the value, there are people who are motivated to steal anything.
  • [9:27 ] - Some people have the mentality that they don’t have anything valuable to steal. Humans are born with the innate ability to trust.
  • [11:31 ] - It is also human nature to lie.
  • [12:52 ] - It is getting easier and easier for people to make fake social media profiles that are very believable.
  • [14:52 ] - Every time someone reaches out to you, be suspicious. It’s not paranoia.
  • [16:55 ] - There are signs in communicating with others that may indicate that they are trying to do you harm.
  • [18:20 ] - Most people are not doing even the basics of security.
  • [19:30 ] - Some people believe that taking precaution is living in fear.
  • [21:47 ] - Robert describes denial and why people live that way.
  • [24:17 ] - Robert’s career is built on selling the concept of security.
  • [25:32 ] - There is no such thing as a safe neighborhood.
  • [26:52 ] - Once we get the basics down, we can make advances in security.
  • [28:35 ] - Most cyber security awareness training only includes content about phishing. This is to meet compliance but doesn’t solve many problems.
  • [30:18 ] - Security awareness makes it important to individuals.
  • [32:12 ] - For many organizations and security companies, they treat security as business.
  • [34:40 ] - Teaching security through fear is not effective.
  • [36:00 ] - It is important to have uncomfortable conversations regarding security with your family from time to time.
  • [37:16 ] - Robert explains the future impact of the Equifax data breach if security strategies have not changed for an individual.
  • [40:25 ] - Robert has frozen his credit since 2008.
  • [42:53 ] - The “Grandma Test” is asking yourself if something is manageable by everyone.
  • [45:36 ] - Robert uses the example of wearing a seatbelt as decades long to make it the norm.
  • [47:12 ] - CSI Protection is a 6 hour course that Robert offers that includes interaction with experts.
  • [49:03 ] - These courses are geared towards those in the service industry.

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Security Challenges and Risks with Robert Siciliano

Security Challenges and Risks with Robert Siciliano

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