DiscoverFind The MagicSeeing Past Our Ego for True Connection
Seeing Past Our Ego for True Connection

Seeing Past Our Ego for True Connection

Update: 2021-11-08


You know when you are around someone that truly just radiates love? When you talk to a person like this, you can see that they truly care about you by the way they look at you and how they listen to you. It is easy to feel truly connected to this kind of person, and the positive shift they make in the world around them as they go about their lives is palpable. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the concept of connection and how to truly connect with others. To do this, we need to have a clear lens. We compare how common situations look in our lives when we have a cloudy lens, which cripples connection, with how they look when we have a clear lens geared towards connection.

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Books and links we mentioned:

Robcast Episode: Pete Rollins - An Introduction to Love Part 1

Bonds That Make Us Free // C. Terry Warner

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Review of the week from Myka Almazan:

I love these mamas, their vulnerability and the amazing tips, stories and info they share on this podcast! I look forward to each new episode each week. Every mama should be tuned in. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!


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Seeing Past Our Ego for True Connection

Seeing Past Our Ego for True Connection

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