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Selects: How Drowning Works

Selects: How Drowning Works

Update: 2022-06-113


Hundreds of thousands of people drown around the world every year, and yet it can be easily prevented and is widely misunderstood – like how you can officially drown but live to tell the tale, or how you can drown but die days later. Learn all about it in this classic episode.

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Felicia DeLappi

I drowned when I was 15. My 2 friends took me swimming at the local public lake, and promised that they would look out for me, so I did everything they did rather than hanging out in the shallow water. We went down the giant slide and it was great fun. They pulled me up and I was fine. Then they wanted to dive off the dock, so we did. They gracefully knifed into the water, and I did too. Rather, I plunked in, and sank to the bottom of 10 feet of murky lake. I panicked when I realized I couldn’t find the top. I realized I was going to die. I floated back down for a few seconds and considered my situation. I started to see pictures of Jesus in my head and realized my friends had killed me, and my family would be devastated. It made me furious. A voice in my head said, ‘Do you want to die today?’ and the next thing I knew I was on top of the water with my arms and legs wrapped around one of my friends. I was trying to pull in some air, but I couldn’t. It was like my throat was sealed shut. I was still really mad, and was trying to pull my friend down under with me. I was really trying to drown her. I figured I was already dead, so if I was going, so was she. (I hope she never reads this, as I never told her that) Finally, the teenager that was supposed to be the lifeguard comes out on the long dock that wasn’t all that far away and lays down and sticks a very long pole into the water my friend manages to peel my hands off of her and puts them on the pole. By then, my throat had opened and I could breathe. I couldn’t talk for a while. When I could, I got out of the water, and sat on the sand and cried. I haven’t been back in the water above my calves since.

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Selects: How Drowning Works

Selects: How Drowning Works