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Self-Awareness in a Nutshell

Self-Awareness in a Nutshell

Update: 2019-02-10


Self-awareness comes in many packages. In this case, self-awareness comes in the form of a children's book.

Joy Bork joins Sharon Swing and Joan Kelley for a conversation around Scaredy Squirrel, by Mélanie Watt. Joy was gifted this book by a friend, who shares similar ways of being in the world, while Joy was in the midst of a job transition. Joy shares a bit of her inner world, and how she is learning to recognize patterns of thought and behavior and make choices about how to respond. I think you'll enjoy the ride.

We highly recommend that you see the pictures in the book, which can be found on </iframe>" target="_blank">Amazon as a physical book or eBook.

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Self-Awareness in a Nutshell

Self-Awareness in a Nutshell