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Self Directed Investing with Andrew Schena

Self Directed Investing with Andrew Schena

Update: 2020-01-21


Many of us feel like we are in control of our financial future. But are we really in as much control as we think we are? This week we are looking into the world of Real Estate on our first ever theme week. In today's episode, I sat down with Andrew Schena to chat about his journey of working at ESPN to becoming a leader in Real Estate in the Boston region. He gives us a glimpse behind the scenes so that you can learn about how you can take back control of your financial future.

In the show today we chat about Real Estate, finding passion, Self Directed Investing, being a group in real estate, and much more.

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About Andrew Schena
Andrew brings an in-depth knowledge of real estate, investment syndication and business operations as a result of his 17 years of experience in the real estate industry. As a founding member of Capital Equity Partners (CEP), Andrew has spent the past 7 years analyzing, syndicating and operating both development and cash-flowing asset strategies. Andrew has intimate knowledge of asset underwriting, negotiation, acquisition, capital raising, deal structure, finance, budgeting, construction, corporate management, operations, legal, sales, and marketing. Along with founding CEP, Andrew is also a founding member of Capital Development & Construction, a MA General Contracting Corporation, where he manages its business operations and administration, and was a founding member of Capital Residential Group, a MA real estate broker, where he managed its successful operations and management for 7 years, and continues to hang his salespersons license. Andrew prides himself on efficient and profitable business management and is always challenging the status quo. Andrew graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, in 1999 with a degree in Mass Communications. Originally from Reading, MA, he currently lives in Blackstone, MA with his wife Erin and their two daughters, Madison and Ashley.








Self Directed Investing with Andrew Schena

Self Directed Investing with Andrew Schena

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