DiscoverThe Stacking Benjamins ShowSell a Home Fast (with Mindy Jensen) SB RWD 94
Sell a Home Fast (with Mindy Jensen) SB RWD 94

Sell a Home Fast (with Mindy Jensen) SB RWD 94

Update: 2019-07-03


If anyone knows how to sell a house, it's Mindy Jensen. Not only is she a house flipper extraordinaire, but she also works at BiggerPockets, the home of one of the largest forums (if not the largest) for real estate investors. She knows LOTS of the best advice. We talked to her a year ago, and in the spirit of this home-buying season, we thought we should replay this episode because it was such great advice. Whether its your residence, a rental you've been meaning to get rid of, or you're dipping your feet into flipping homes, there are easy mistakes you can avoid to sell your home FAST and get the most out of a sell. Back in 2018 we talked to Mindy Jenson, a master house-flipper whose successfully sold house after house, and got some insider tips on tricks are coming out of the real estate market a winner. 

Here is our original show description:

In a crowded market, having a leg up by avoiding some easy mistakes might be the difference between selling your home quickly, and for the top dollar price possible, or not selling at all. House-flipper Mindy Jensen has sold COUNTLESS houses, and today stops by the basement with her best tips to help you sell your own homes faster. Whether it's your primary residence, rental property or flip, she'll detail how to prioritize and budget for repairs or improvements, and how to find the right help to sell your home. In our headlines segment, freelance writer Hannah Rounds has published a piece on which tax software makes her "recommended" list and which she says to avoid. She comes down to the basement to discuss winners and losers. Also in headlines, what can we learn about finance from basketball player LeBron James? Apparently, quite a bit, according to one publication. We'll talk about key lessons from LeBron on today's show.

We'll of course have more from the world of financial planning, throw out the Haven Life line to lucky listener Marie, who wonders about better diversification for her money. Is ONLY having an S&P 500 fund a good approach?

Of course, we'll still score with some of Doug's delightful trivia, and more.

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Sell a Home Fast (with Mindy Jensen) SB RWD 94

Sell a Home Fast (with Mindy Jensen) SB RWD 94