DiscoverA New DirectionSelling From Your Comfort Zone for Increased Sales and Success!
Selling From Your Comfort Zone for Increased Sales and Success!

Selling From Your Comfort Zone for Increased Sales and Success!

Update: 2023-03-15


Selling Is Not Easy, But It Can Be Easier From Your Comfort Zone

When it comes to selling anything here is what we know.  First it can be a tremendously rewarding and lucrative career.  We also know that finding people who are good at selling is difficult, and finding great sales people is even harder.  Just look at these statistics on selling.  In one study they found that 55% of people earning a living in sales should be doing something else and 20-25% have what it takes to sell, but they should be selling something else.

So what's missing? Why do have so many people have a difficult time in sales and selling? The answer may be they are completely out of alignment with themselves, the company they are selling for, the product that they are selling, and the audience they are selling to. In this episode of A New Direction Best Selling Author and Sales Team Expert Stacey Hall joins us show us how to be successful in sales by aligning with your core values, aligning with what you sell, and how to use social media to increase sales. This non-traditional view of selling from your comfort zone creates depth in relationships with your clients and leads to greater sales, higher satisfaction and greater success!

Best Selling Book:  Selling From Your Comfort Zone

Stacey Hall's best selling book is entitled Selling from Your Comfort Zone: The Power of Alignment Marketing the book is going to be a challenging read for those of you who believe in the old fashioned way of doing sales.  If you believe that in today's world that you can avoid the idea of "Know, Like, and Trust" when it comes to selling you will have missed the boat.

The fact is that today's buyers, whether it is B2B or B2C are looking of those people who they can get to know, are likeable, and can build trusting loyal relationships.  The days of scripts, spammy, clever lines and foot in the door are over.  The fact is we sell to other humans.  Decisions are made by other humans.  That means whether you like it or not the decisions that are made are in fact made from a place of emotions, not a place of logic.  Hence it would serve us well when it comes to selling to make sure we understand who they are, where they are coming from and have build a solid foundation of a relationship.  Because it will be that emotional connection that will avoid objections and naturally lead to the sale...which is truly Selling from Your Comfort Zone.

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Selling From Your Comfort Zone for Increased Sales and Success!

Selling From Your Comfort Zone for Increased Sales and Success!

Jay Izso