DiscoverBoot Up: The LSU Basketball PodcastSeniors Step Up vs. Tech; Advocare Invitational Preview; 2019 Signees So Far
Seniors Step Up vs. Tech; Advocare Invitational Preview; 2019 Signees So Far

Seniors Step Up vs. Tech; Advocare Invitational Preview; 2019 Signees So Far

Update: 2018-11-20


On today's show, Cody looks back at LSU's 74-67 win over Louisiana Tech, with insight from Will Wade, Ja'vonte Smart, and Daryl Edwards.

We also look ahead to the Advocare Invitational and some things the Tigers will be working on fixing before Thursday's 6 p.m. tipoff against Charleston.

At the end, we hear from Will Wade on his two 2019 signees so far: James Bishop and Charles Manning, Jr.

Show Notes:

0:00 - What Ranking?
1:30 - La. Tech Recap
2:45 - Seniors Step Up
3:50 - Daryl's Best
5:22 - Fancy Footwork
6:19 - The Masked Man
7:55 - Stocks Up
8:25 - Blocked Shot Stats Bomb
9:03 - Wade's a Bigby-Williams Fan
10:30 - Elite Defensive Numbers
11:50 - Smart Finisher
12:56 - That's Just My Swag
14:32 - Sixth Man
17:55 - Going to Disney World
18:30 - Naz's Ankle
19:30 - On the Road Again
21:15 - 3 and D
22:24 - I Read Will Wade's Mind
23:35 - Charleston's Studs
24:45 - NBA Rotations at PG
29:00 - 2019 Signees
In Channel
Tigers Atop the SEC + Emmitt Williams on Spiders, Short Shorts, and Why He Plays So Hard
On today's show, we recap LSU's 83-79 win over Georgia over the weekend, which, coupled with Kentucky's win over Tennessee, saw the Tigers move into a tie for first place in the SEC. We break down Naz Reid's penchant for strong second halves, why Will Wade loved Javonte Smart's technical foul, and the success of the Tigers' three-guard lineup. We also preview the first game of a three-game homestand for LSU, as Florida comes to town on Wednesday, before answering a few listener questions.Finally, we sit down with freshman forward Emmitt Williams, who remains one of the most delightful people you'll ever meet. He opened up about his fear of spiders, the memories of fallen friends that inspire him to play his heart out every night, and, yes, his short shorts. Show outline:2:30 - Breaking down the Georgia win3:20 - Naz Reid's huge second halves4:20 - Javonte Smart's shooting on the road4:45 - T'd Up5:50 - Will Wade LOVES Javonte Smart and his technical foul7:15 - "He's as real as they come"8:15 - Three guards are better than one10:20 - Florida preview12:57 - The turning point of the season14:55 - What if LSU goes 2-0 this week?16:10 - Zooming in vs. zooming out18:20 - NCAA Tournament seeding19:47 - What a week!22:20 - Emmitt Williams joins the show22:40 - Talkin' baseball23:35 - Being recruited by Will Wade24:45 - Going viral at a young age26:00 - First in the family to go to college27:15 - Antonio Blakeney28:20 - Every day is not promised29:00 - Riding the Hog29:35 - Spiders!31:35 - Trust33:30 - Short shorts  
Greg Goldin: LSU's Extender of Human Potential + Another Road OT win at Mississippi State
Fresh off another heart-stopping road win for LSU -- this time a 92-88 overtime victory at Mississippi State -- we break down the Tigers' second half comeback, fueled by Naz Reid and Tremont Waters' offensive outbursts and a glorious set play in overtime. We also preview LSU's home contest with Auburn at 1 p.m. Saturday.But first, we sit down with LSU's strength and conditioning coordinator -- or, as he refers to himself, Extender of Human Potential -- Greg Goldin. Greg has been by Will Wade's side since their days at VCU, and he's been Wade's strength coach for every game he's been a head coach. He's also one of the most engaging and interesting people you'll ever meet, a man of incredible strength and energy who LSU's players rave over and who Wade thinks is -- and I quote -- "some sort of wizard."We dive deep into that wizardry on the show. We talk protocols and routines. We talk philosophies and relationship-building. We talk weight lifting and conditioning. We also hear some fantastic stories, because Greg's story is fantastic, from sleeping on the floor covered in crickets to following a screaming Wade to Chattanooga, VCU, and, eventually, LSU. Show outline: 0:00 - Goldin's screaming Will Wade impression4:45 - Extender of potential6:00 - How he got into S&C9:50 - Corner sheets of paper11:10 - Two shirts, please11:50 - Life on the floor12:45 - Grasshoppers and Greg14:20 - Mornings with Will Wade15:15 - Why Wade called screaming one day15:50 - Where's Chattanooga?16:50 - The Lost Art of Simple17:45 - The five basic movement patterns Goldin uses daily19:45 - Giants and Genetic Freaks 21:50 - Weight lifting school24:00 - Technology and high performance models25:00 - The Titanic27:30 - Managing stress vs. applying stress28:45 - Working with Will Wade 35:00 - Mississippi State breakdown/Auburn preview
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Seniors Step Up vs. Tech; Advocare Invitational Preview; 2019 Signees So Far

Seniors Step Up vs. Tech; Advocare Invitational Preview; 2019 Signees So Far