DiscoverOnus PlayhouseSerene Dominic Gets Played! - "Unnatural Blonde" (part 1)
Serene Dominic Gets Played! -  "Unnatural Blonde" (part 1)

Serene Dominic Gets Played! - "Unnatural Blonde" (part 1)

Update: 2020-10-03


For seven consecutive years, Serene Dominic took the RPM Challenge and wrote and recorded an entire album in the month of February. Now in this talk and music analysis series, Serene and co-host Steve Asetta musical director of All Is Forgiven? and the upcoming Dark Lullaby podcast (coming in season 3) give track by track running commentary through these eight home-recorded albums.

In this episode the pair analyze the Unnatural Blonde album which was written to be a song by song companion to Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 classic Vertigo. Other conversational tangents left unanswered I can filed here including when helicopters were first invented (1936),  Nino Roto's disqualified Best Original Score Oscar nomination for The Godfather (the recycled score was withdrawn, ineligible and replaced by a nomination for Sleuth ), and where else do we know the actor who played Gavin Elster in Vertigo (he played Sir Halsey Hopewell in Flipper's New Adventure). No, thank you!

Songs include "Swimming in the Head," "You'll Never Let Me Go," "Drop of a Hat," "I Stalk Around," "Dream Along with Me Darkly," "In Bed By Nine" and "All That Love Has Worn Away."

Click here to watch Serene Dominic condense the entire Vertigo movie into a ten-minute musical.

Click here to stream the entire Unnatural Blonde album.

Catch Serene Dominic's weekly livecast "The Human Torch Floor Show" every Thursday at 8:30 MST on

Click here to read Serene's review  of Jackie Gleason's The NOW Sound ... For Today’s Lovers album in Detroit Metro Times.









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Serene Dominic Gets Played! -  "Unnatural Blonde" (part 1)

Serene Dominic Gets Played! - "Unnatural Blonde" (part 1)

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