DiscoverThe Lonely Arts ClubSeries 2, Episode 6: Will Sergeant
Series 2, Episode 6: Will Sergeant

Series 2, Episode 6: Will Sergeant

Update: 2020-05-22


This week on The Lonely Arts Club, we're joined by musician and guitarist of Echo & The Bunnymen, Will Sergeant.

Our journey with Will begins in a small village on the outskirts of Liverpool and eventually formed legendary band, Echo & The Bunnymen

Will explains how finding his love for an avant-garde, alternative sound heavily influenced his musicality and subsequently assisted in developing the style of Echo & The Bunnymen.

As a self-confessed punk in his early years, Will reflects on where his love for music and style came from and how his visits to Liverpool music venue, Eric’s inspired him to create his own unique sounds.  

“That lead me to Lou Reed and then I started buying the solo albums and I just thought it was another Lou Reed solo album. I didn’t realise it was this weird avant-garde sound art thing and I was a bit cheesed off when I got it but I used to play it dead loud in the back room of my house and the neighbours came knocking round and I was a snotty horrible teenager. The bloke from next door, Mr Harrison, came round in a string vest and I said, “put a shirt on if you wanna complain to me!” and he went away…but I did turn it down.”

Echo & The Bunnymen has achieved decades of global success; as the only constant member of the band, Will shares funny anecdotes and fond memories from along the way. 

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Series 2, Episode 6: Will Sergeant

Series 2, Episode 6: Will Sergeant

Will Sergeant