DiscoverThe Lonely Arts ClubSeries 2, Episode 7: Brian Reade
Series 2, Episode 7: Brian Reade

Series 2, Episode 7: Brian Reade

Update: 2020-06-01


Award-winning journalist for the Daily Mirror and author of An Epic Swindle, Brian Reade, joins us on this week’s episode of The Lonely Arts Club.

Local lad, Brian, talks about growing up in Liverpool and his unusual inspiration behind going to university.

After beginning his career reporting for local newspapers, Brian speaks openly about the bigger moments as his journey through journalism began to unfold. Poignant memories for Brian include his involvement in campaigning for the Hillsborough disaster and once spending the day with sporting legend, Muhammad Ali

“If I had to stop being a journalist tomorrow and look back and say, over the thirty-odd years you’ve been writing, what’s the most important thing? Without doubt, it’s the stuff on Hillsborough. Over the years, I’d do loads of features on Hillsborough and we’d get politicians interested and it was just a cog to help push it forward at a time when the families didn’t have any voice. So it would definitely be that because you can write about politics, you can write about football. You don’t change the world – neither do I think you should change the world. But if you can help change it a little bit just with one story or one issue, then you’ve done OK.”

Listeners get an insight into the Hillsborough campaigning that Brian was involved in and why he believes the city of Liverpool and its people are so unique.  

Throughout this episode, Brian shares his advice for anyone thinking of becoming a journalist and despite the world of media changing dramatically, explains how the principles are still exactly the same. 









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Series 2, Episode 7: Brian Reade

Series 2, Episode 7: Brian Reade

Brian Reade