DiscoverThe Lonely Arts ClubSeries 3, Episode 2: Ngunan Adamu
Series 3, Episode 2: Ngunan Adamu

Series 3, Episode 2: Ngunan Adamu

Update: 2020-10-12


This week on The Lonely Arts Club podcast, we’re delighted to be joined by Ngunan Adamu. 

Nigerian scouser, Ngunan, shares memories of coming to the UK as a child and adapting to life in a brand new city. 

“People have this kind of typical stereotype of what a migrant looks like and it's like are you running away from a war torn country or all these things but we weren't. We had a beautiful big house in Nigeria, we had a gardener, we had two drivers. We had a good family setting but what my Dad was thinking - forward-thinking - was the education system in the UK was better and he wanted us to have a choice of having a life in any country that we chose, so yeah I just remember getting here and just not liking it. Missing my grandparents, not liking school dinners...oh my God! They were disgusting, it was the worst thing ever [laughing]. I think possibly 10 times a year, I would say to my Dad and my Mum, "why can't we move back?" but I always class myself as a Nigerian scouser because both cultures –  'cos being scouse is a culture – both cultures are very strong and they've complemented me in so many different ways. I wouldn't have my sense of humour if I wasn't scouse but I also think my drive comes from being Nigerian.”

Sharing heart-breaking tales of racism at an early age, listeners gain an insight into Ngunan’s childhood and what gave her the drive to follow her gut and pursue a career in journalism. 

We hear what paths Ngunan’s career has taken and how important it’s always been for her to follow her gut instinct. And although Liverpool is evidently a big part of Ngunan’s make-up she speaks openly about the racial issues that the city still faces today and how things need to improve.









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Series 3, Episode 2: Ngunan Adamu

Series 3, Episode 2: Ngunan Adamu

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