DiscoverThe Lonely Arts ClubSeries 3, Episode 4: Jo Caulfield
Series 3, Episode 4: Jo Caulfield

Series 3, Episode 4: Jo Caulfield

Update: 2020-10-27


For the last few months as the country has been a lockdown of some kind, many of us have looked to TV and radio – comedy in particular – as a form of escapism. So it seemed fitting to invite one of the nation’s best-loved comedians onto The Lonely Arts Club.

In this virtual episode of The Lonely Arts Club, Jo Caulfield, who is not only an award-winning comedian but also a writer and actress, displays her mischievous nature when telling us about her journey so far.

"A friend did an open spot at the Comedy Store and I went along to watch them and I remember the bill because it was Mark Lamarr comparing who weirdly I knew from the Rockabilly circuit; I didn’t know he was a comedian. And Jack Dee and Sean Meo. Sean Meo who is still a comedian writes very good, well-structured jokes and I remember watching Sean and thinking “that’s great but I couldn’t do that”, cos I don’t know how you write these joke things and then when Jack Dee was on I thought “I could totally do that”, because as far as I could see I didn’t see the art in what he did. I just thought, “oh, I moan about stuff too, I complain about everybody, I hate people. I could do this."

Getting to know about Jo’s childhood and her first steps into the limelight is one of the talking points of this episode, however Jo also discusses making comedy for TV, writing for other comics, such as Graham Norton and her stance on politics in comedy.

Catch this hilarious episode next Tuesday, when it will be available to download from Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Please note, this episode contains strong language.









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Series 3, Episode 4: Jo Caulfield

Series 3, Episode 4: Jo Caulfield

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