DiscoverThe Lonely Arts ClubSeries 3, Episode 8: Chris Amoo
Series 3, Episode 8: Chris Amoo

Series 3, Episode 8: Chris Amoo

Update: 2020-11-24


Universally known for legendary hits such as You To Me Are Everything and Can’t Get By Without You, The Real Thing made their mark on the music industry in the 70s, and we have the pleasure of being joined by band’s lead singer, Chris Amoo.

In another of our virtual, lockdown episodes, we speak to Chris about all things music; where his inspiration came from, how he got into the industry and which way his career has taken him.

Going right back to the beginning of the journey, Chris talks about growing up in Toxteth, what  and keeping on the straight and narrow.

"A lot of the black Americans were coming in from the bases, bringing the music with them and that’s where we first started hearing really black soul music like the O’Jays and all that. Stuff that you wouldn’t normally hear on mainstream radio you know and this is what formed the way we saw music and it wasn’t until we got to a point where we thought we’ve got something here, we can perform on stage now, where you start having to look a little bit outside of Toxteth. So, as soon as we got our first agent in Liverpool, we realised that there was a world outside of Toxteth that we wanted to be part of."

Download the episode now, to hear Chris talk about finding success in the music industry and how The Real Thing are still going all these years later.

This episode was recorded virtually meaning the quality of the recording may be slightly different to normal. 









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Series 3, Episode 8: Chris Amoo

Series 3, Episode 8: Chris Amoo

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