DiscoverThe Lonely Arts ClubSeries 3, Episode 9: Derek Hatton
Series 3, Episode 9: Derek Hatton

Series 3, Episode 9: Derek Hatton

Update: 2020-12-01


Derek Hatton became a household name across the UK after becoming a member of the Labour Party and being heavily involved in the Militant movement.

Martin McQuillan goes back to the beginning to find out more about local lad, Derek, his early years and where his passion for politics came from.

Whilst making himself known as a politician, Derek was also appointed as deputy leader of Liverpool City Council and became well known for defying Thatcher's government.

"Well I came back to Liverpool and the first job I had was running what is still there now - the Bronte Community Centre by the Bullring in St Andrews Gardens and there was a big housing thing going on there so I got involved in that and then after that did two or three other things along the same sort of lines but while I was doing all that, that was when I was starting to get more and more political and I suppose although they were great, great jobs I had and great opportunities I had, none the less in the back of my mind, the whole development of my political thing started to get more and more and took more and more of my time in the thinking. And then I joined Labour Party in '74, I became part of Militant in '74 - there for five years. Was very active in the Labour Party and the trade union movement and eventually got elected as a councillor in 1979 the very same day that Thatcher became prime minister."

We get to know all about Derek's influences as a politician and his views on politics over the years. 









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Series 3, Episode 9: Derek Hatton

Series 3, Episode 9: Derek Hatton

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