DiscoverWhite Market PodcastSession 3.17 ��� Rain, technical issues and music
Session 3.17 ��� Rain, technical issues and music

Session 3.17 ��� Rain, technical issues and music

Update: 2016-11-25


After many technical difficulties, a lot of travelling and a week of unstoppable rain in the North East of England, the show is finally online. Being very honest, I would have liked it to have some extra content, but it was impossible after a series of unfortunate events. In a near future there���s still a European Commons Assembly special to come and a Europeana special as well!

For now, here���s this week���s free music mix for you.

Fran��ois ��� Bem-Vindo [S��lo Le Pido A Dior] // CC BY-NC-SA

Matt Kelly ��� 4 U (Single version) [Soundcloud] // CC BY

Husky ��� I���ll be there for you [Soundcloud] // CC BY

Vinze is Dead ��� Annexagone (What runs away never returns) [Kahvi] // CC BY-NC-ND

Max Jahn ��� Satellite Circus [Broque] // CC BY-NC-ND

Rag and Bones ��� Paralyzed [Jamendo] // CC BY-SA

The Homeless Kids ��� Broadcast [FMA] // CC BY-NC-SA

* She-Wolf ��� Circles [FMA] // CC BY-NC-SA

Themed Restaurant ��� All the time [Bandcamp] // CC BY-NC-SA

Woodland Associates ��� Cheap Date [Advanced Materials] // CC BY-NC

Alex ��� Disconnect (feat. ducket) [CC Mixter] // CC BY-NC

*Starfrosch Hot Track of The Week

In Channel
Session 4.02 ��� Sharing knowledge with Wikimedia
Back in August, I had the chance of talking to Dimitar Dimitrov, EU Policy Director at Wikimedia. On their website, Wikimedia is described as a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world. By now, it is one of the top 10 websites traffic-wise globally and it is arguably the biggest community-driven project online. It all started with the amazing Wikipedia, but as knowledge kept getting compiled, their projects also kept on multiplying. Today, the Wikimedia Foundation hosts a dozen projects with the joint goal of sharing knowledge ��� Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons and their latest baby Wikidata are just a few of them. Being a content superpower is not easy, though. Surely a hot topic at the minute,��the upcoming EU copyright reform is something under their radar but this legislation is far from being the only thing with a deep impact on Wikimedia���s work. For a long time now, they have been facing a variety of challenges that go from censorship in certain countries to court rulings that place double-standards in terms of what people can do with content online and offline. To find out more about these things and, of course, how you can get involved with Wikimedia, just press play. Aritus ��� For you [ Soundcloud ] // CC BY YeahRight! ��� San Francisco [ Soundcloud ] // CC BY-NC-SA Taseh ��� Down Roller [ Monster Jinx ] // CC BY-NC-SA Luck & Doc ��� To My Recollection [ blocSonic ] // CC BY-NC-SA Oranjada vs. North Beach Crew ��� Zora (2010 Druzhba session) [ mahorka ] // CC BY-NC All the songs from ��� Plays Guitar ��� and ��� Plays Guitar Again ��� by Gillicuddy have been used as background music for the interview. All tracks available under a CC BY-NC licence; download on Bandcamp or FMA..: Photo by Wikimedia Foundation :. CC BY
Session 4.01 ��� Talking copyright with EDRi
WMP is finally back and what a way to start this fourth season! This week, I talked to Diego Naranjo, Senior Policy Advisor at EDRi, to know more about the copyright reform that is still in the making in the EU. EDRi (European Digital Rights) is an association of civil and human rights organizations that advocates for the protection of our rights and freedoms online. On top of working directly with high instances in the EU, they also work in public campaigns, providing ordinary citizens with tools to engage with policy making, such as the Save the Meme website and The School of Rock(ing) EU Copyright workshop (happening in Lisbon, Slovenia and Hungary later this year). On the music side of things, the celebration was on in big style for this year���s Netlabel Day. With more than 200 free records out on July 14th, I picked some of my favourites of 2017 to showcase how inspiring the initiative has been. Lasers ��� Amsterdam [ Bad Panda Records ] // CC BY-NC-SA Fog Lake ��� Push [ FMA ] // CC BY Go Ask Alice ��� The Shout [ La b��l netlabel ] // CC BY-SA Michael Keefe ��� Reality (Feat. Travis Paul) [ Amblis Records ] // CC BY-NC N��man ��� Sin t��tulo [ S��lo le Pido a Dior ] // CC BY-NC-SA Bottlesmoker ��� East Indies (feat. Kronutz) [ Yes No Wave Music ] // CC BY-NC Knit ��� A Good Chance [ Z Tapes ] // CC BY Moki McFly ��� Zeta [ mahorka ] // CC BY-NC All the songs from ��� Where The Sidewalk Ends ��� by Roger Plexico have been used as background music for the interview. Tracks available under a CC BY-NC-SA licence; download on Bandcamp or FMA.
Session 3.21 ��� Monster Jinx Special
I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but somehow the opportunity only arrived now. This week���s show is a Monster Jinx special! Monster Jinx is a Portugal/Internet-based label specialised in hip-hop and electronic music. They are also an artist collective, and identify themselves as an indie label, having dropped their first record back in 2009. In the last few years, they managed to grab the attention of the Portuguese media, get some airplay on national radio stations and play at big festivals. Despite these big achievements, they remain humble and focused on putting out great music. With an enviable roster of MCs and producers, Monster Jinx are a great example of how Creative Commons licenses can boost the reach of a work, and how releasing music for free doesn���t mean a product is any less appealing. If you���re a regular listener of the show, you probably know at least part of their work by now, as I have been a long time supporter of their work. In the last few years, I have been uploading a great part of their music to WMP���s curator collection at Free Music Archive. Putting Lisbon���s great weather to good use, I sat down with Darksunn (co-founder, manager and do-it-all) to find out more about how the label started, why they picked Creative Commons as their licencing system, the challenges ahead and their strategy for the future. For the first time in White Market Podcast���s history, this interview was actually recorded on location, which may explain some of the sound issues on this episode. Nonetheless, please sit back and enjoy the vibes of the purple monster. Darksunn ��� Sidestep NO FUTURE ��� NOMONO MONEY Monstro Robot ��� Gata Borralheira (feat. Pulso) Monster Jinx ��� Venera o Diabo (Faz Festas a Gatinhos) J-K ��� Despedida Pulso ��� Estalo os Dedos All the tracks are available under a CC BY-NC-SA licence. I will be posting the list of background music tracks soon.
Session 3.20 ��� Happy Public Domain Day!
On this week���s show, WMP celebrated Public Domain Day. Public Domain Day has been happening as an initiative for some years now, being held on January 1st every year, as this is the date when each year new works go under the public domain. Except, of course, if you���re in the US ��� sadly, there won���t be any works going into the public domain there before 2019 at least. In the European Union, though, the rights of authors are protected within their lifetime and for seventy years after their death. This means that after that period the works become available for anybody to use them for any purpose. This year, for instance, this included the works of HG Wells and of the economist John Keynes. As a celebration, the music played on the show was mostly published under Creative Commons Zero, the public domain licence. Alpha Hydrae ��� Won���t see it comin��� (Feat Aequality & N���sorte d���autruche) [ FMA ] // CC0 Cuicuitte ��� Viville �� l���horizon [ FMA ] // CC0 Hussalonia ��� Like Tetanus In A Wound [ Auboutdufil ] // CC0 Wowa & eckskwisit ��� Just Cool [ ] // CC0 ZAIRE ��� Twitter de Amor entre Androides [ FMA ] // CC0 MANWOMANCHILD ��� Bach Prelude in C BWV 846 [ FMA ] // CC0 Accou ��� Gymnopedie No.1 (Erik Satie) [ Musopen ] // CC0 Kimiko Ishizaka ��� Prelude No. 1 in C major, BWV 846 [ Bandcamp ] // CC BY Future Sauce ��� Gymnopedie No. 1 (Erik Satie) [ FMA ] // CC0 Katapulto ��� Zero Rythm Dollar Boy [ FMA ] // CC0 Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet ��� Mount Fuji [ FMA ] // CC0 Psalms ��� Hideaway (feat. Tinariwen) [ FMA ] // CC0
Session 3.19 ��� WMP's Best Moments of 2016
As this is our very last show of 2016, I thought it���d be cool to do a recap of White Market Podcast���s best moments of 2016. In case you haven���t listened to all the episodes, this can be sort of your guide to go back and catch up with something you might have missed and be of your interest. With 8 interviews, a couple of special features and even a mini-documentary, I���m sure there will be something up your street. This has probably been probably the best season of White Market Podcast so far. Since July, I have celebrated the 25th anniversary of Linux and the 2nd edition of Netlabel Day, I have talked to netlabel managers and representatives of different institutions linked to free music and free culture, and, of course, I talked a lot about copyright. However, the big learning curve happened mainly due to our guests, so I decided to highlight them all, as sort of an appreciation gesture. You can find them all on our website, along with detailed credits on background music. Here���s a a list of all the guests on the show this season in order of appearance on this week���s show. Cheyenne Hohman, director of Free Music Archive ��� Session 3.10 Manuel Silva, founder of Netlabel Day and M.I.S.T. Records ��� Session 3.01 Maarten Zeinstra, from think tank Kennisland; project manager at CopyrightExceptions.Eu ��� Session 3.13 Alex Lungu, founder of the Copy-Me webseries and website- Session 3.03 Jonas ��berg, executive director of Free Software Foundation Europe ��� Session 3.07 Joris Pekel, community manager for cultural heritage at Europeana ��� Session 3.18 Markus Koller, founder and manager of Starfrosch ��� Session 3.15 Graeme Gill, founder and manager of Pilot Eleven ��� Session 3.11 Oh, and since it���s Christmas time, I also played the holiday tune of the season. Merry Xmas, everyone! Donnie Ozone ��� Christmas Shopping at the Dollar Store [ blocSonic ] // CC BY-NC-SA
Session 3.18 ��� Preserving cultural heritage with Europeana
This week, I had the opportunity to talk to Joris Pekel, Community Coordinator for Cultural Heritage at Europeana. On top of talking about their wider work of making artworks and cultural piece from all over Europe accessible to the public online. During the interview, we also talked about the Europeana Sounds Conference 2016, their Policy Recommendations for improving online access to audio and audio-related heritage in Europe and their brand new page on Soundcloud. On a side note, White Market Podcast is becoming a fortnight event. Our slots on Soundart Radio and Spark Sunderland remain the same, though. The next episode will be online on December 18th and regular broadcasts can be expected every fortnight from that date onwards. LUKA$ ��� PCH (feat. BUSE) [ Bandcamp ] // CC BY-NC-ND The Impossebulls ��� A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturday Nite [ blocSonic ] // CC BY-NC-SA Conscious Thoughts ��� Daydreamer (feat. Le Real) [ Club Coral ] // CC BY-NC-ND * Light-foot ��� Reckless Elect [ Soundcloud ] // CC BY George Bizet ��� L���amour est un oiseau rebelle (Habanera) [ LNB/NLL via Europeana ] // CC BY-SA Mattias Westlund ��� Winters Call [ Auboutdufil ] // CC BY Ruido Selecto ��� Talism��n [ Monofonicos ] // CC BY-NC-SA All the tracks used as background music during the interview are taken from Jon Luc Hefferman���s album ��� Elian Mor ���. These tracks are available under a CC BY-NC licence. * Starfrosch Hot Track of the Week
Session 3.15 ��� Starfrosch and the Hot100
After mentioning the project several times on the show ( and on the blog as well !), this week, I finally had the pleasure of talking to Markus Koller, the person behind the wonderful Starfrosch. Starfrosch is a Switzerland-based project that runs simultaneously as a podcast, a blog, an automated radio playlist and, last but definitely not least, as a Hot100 chart for Creative Commons music. Markus is a pioneer of Creative Commons music, having been an active member of the community for more than a decade now. So, it didn���t come as a surprise to find out that he knows quite a lot about the licences and some of the issues major CC music sharing platforms have. On top of that, we also talked about how he developed the website and the project over the years, and some of his own favourite music genres and platforms. Starfrosch is currently looking for bloggers who are into the most mainstream side of Creative Commons music to help them keep their blog alive and fresh. Let���s Eat Grandma ��� Deep Six Textbook [ FMA ] // CC BY-NC-ND Francis and The Lights ��� See Her Out [ Soundcloud ] // CC BY-NC-SA Starover ��� A Flower in Space [ Needle Drop Co. ] // CC BY-NC Starfrosch ��� Serie3 [ Real Audio ] // CC BY-NC-ND Javier G��mez Bello ��� Palabras [ Jamendo ] // CC BY-NC-SA Wowa & eckskwisit ��� Just Cool ��� [ Wowa Music via Soundcloud ] // CC-0 As background music for interview, you can find all the tracks of Circus Marcus album ��� Kalimba Session 2016-05-07 ���; all tracks available under CC BY-NC.
Session 3.13 ��� Exceptions are not the Rule
This week, I had the chance to talk to Maarten Zeinstra, from Amsterdam-based think tank Kennisland, to find out more about the project Copyright Exceptions. We already know copyright law is particularly complex, but things do get even more confusing once you look at the different regulations each one of the 28 European Union countries has. On a completely different side note, I would like to thank to Starfrosch and Musique Libre for helping me out in finding the CC licence of This Mess is Mine release, which allowed me to play it on the show. They are both great resources if you���re into Creative Commons music, so make sure you check them out. Bembe Segue ��� Safa Solo [ Bandcamp ] // CC BY-NC-ND Maxwell Powers ��� After All You Say [ blocSonic ] // CC BY-NC-SA Nick Vivid ��� Nothing���s Sacred Anymore [ FMA ] // CC BY-NC-ND Alpha Brutal ��� Everything���s Gonna Be Alright [ Bandcamp ] // CC BY-SA wecollectskies ��� Last Word of Home [ Lost Children ] // CC BY-NC-ND The Dandelion Council ��� Starry Nights in the Geodome [ Archaic Horizon ] // CC BY-NC-ND Heskin Radiophonic ��� The Suffolk Owl [ Fwonk * ] // CC BY-NC-SA This Mess Is Mine ��� Picture Postcard [ Aerotone ] // CC BY-NC-SA Janina & James ��� Good Man [ Foof Records ] // CC BY-NC-SA IZE ��� stick around [ Z Tapes ] // CC BY ISRA ��� Truthtellers [ Jamendo ] // CC BY-NC Jon Luc Hefferman ��� Upbeat [ Needle Drop Co ] // CC BY-NC The interview includes the following tracks as background music: ��� Clocks ���, ��� Vacuum ��� and ��� Solitude ��� all by Jahzzar and available under CC BY-SA.
Session 3.12 ��� Another Music Session
After two very special episodes, today we go back to a full music session. We have bedroom pop and undiscovered netlabels, as well as some older loves. As my dissertation is coming to an end, I will continue to release new epiosdes of White Market Podcast on a weekly basis. I have a few interviews and features planned, and I still have a White Market in Context I���d like to share about the show in relation to its community. For now, I would like to express my tremendous gratitude towards all the interviewees in this season (so far), to Soundart Radio and Diane Gray for their immense help with the radio broadcast side of it, and, of course, to all the artists and labels that keep releasing their music under Creative Commons. beat.dowsing ��� Knowns [ Self-Published ] // CC BY-NC-SA Dimitri Palikaris ��� Black Hole [ Phonocake ] // CC BY-NC-ND Broke for Free ��� tabulasa [ Soundcloud ] // CC BY Taseh ��� Caramella Peak [ Monster Jinx / FMA ] // CC BY-NC-SA Luz Safari ��� Tour [ Fax Records ] // CC BY-ND Safir N��u ��� Land-Escape [ La b��l ] // CC BY-NC-SA bedbug �����forgetting what its like to feel bad <3 [ Z Tapes ] // CC BY moving in ��� strawberry [ Z Tapes ] // CC BY Omar ��� Pesco��o de T��lipa [ Lixo Records ] // CC BY-NC waterpistol ��� blue waters [ Jamendo ] // CC BY-NC-SA Small Colin ��� You & I Will Be [ Rec72 ] // CC BY-SA Indian Wells ��� Racquets [ Bad Panda Records ] // CC BY-NC-SA
Session 3.09 – EU Copyright Mess
Following the reveal of the EU Copyright Reform Proposal, this show had to feature it. The text is a disappointment, but there’s still a lot that can be done to make it change. The piece is available for separate download in a variety of formats, so make sure you share it, remix it, use it for whatever you need, just spread the word! We also went aboard the public domain ship, once again, and found a bit more about “The Little Prince”. Last but not the least, we brought you more than a handful of awesome free tracks – most of them with permissions for remixing. You might have noticed that the podcast was only made available a few days later than usual. That’s because our slot on Spark Sunderland has moved to Sundays at 9pm. Randy Hobbs – Loving You [ OMEAC Records ] // CC BY-NC-SA cultureculture – Ashton Kuther, Come Back [ Bandcamp ] // CC BY-NC-SA mus.hiba – hitomi (feat. Abigail Press) [ Bunkai-Kei ] // CC BY-NC-SA Jahzzar – Vault [ FMA ] // CC BY-SA Alex Finch – Because You Hold Me Tight [ Needle Drop Co. ] // CC BY-NC-SA Sax on the Road – Mouraria Music Club [ ZigurArtists ] // CC BY-NC-SA Chicocorrea – Zum Zum [ Cassette Blog ] // CC BY-NC-SA Tab & Anitek – ToyNBee [ Jamendo ] // CC BY-NC-ND Jasmine Jordan – Smile [ Jamendo ] // CC BY-NC-ND Ziegler Co. – Waking Up At Sunset [ Foof Records ] // CC BY-NC-SA notforme! – These Words Are Now Colours [ Southern City’s Lab ] // CC BY-NC-SA.: Photo by Dennis Skley :. CC BY-ND
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Session 3.17 ��� Rain, technical issues and music

Session 3.17 ��� Rain, technical issues and music

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