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Set Your Professional and Personal Goals

Set Your Professional and Personal Goals

Update: 2022-05-11


This episode of the Live Better Seller Better Podcast is a solo episode with KD. Today, the topic is goals. You must have 2 buckets of goals: professional and personal goals. The first is likely tied to the number you want to hit this year. So set a specific number so you'll know what you need to do to achieve it. 

You also need to know where you want to go and grow as a professional, and lastly, what skills you need to learn. For personal goals, as leaders, you must do your own discovery on your own people to know how to motivate them. Where do their professional and personal goals intersect? 


  • Professional goals: Clearly defined number, where to go and grow, & skills
  • Personal goals: Connect the dots with your own people 


KD: "Do you have clearly defined professional goals? Meaning what you are trying to achieve professionally? And then, on the leadership side, do you know what these goals are for all of your people? Because, if you don't, what can you motivate them with?"

KD: "More often than not, people say they just want to make more money. More is not a number. You need to come up with an actual number. Is it 70k? Is it 100k? Is it 200k? 300k? Because if you don't set the number, you can never find a way to get there."

KD: "So often y'all in sales, we tell our salespeople to do great discovery on our prospects but then, we never do great discovery on our people. We never do great discovery on our people. We don't know their pain points. We don't know the impact they're trying to have and/or achieve. We don't know what good looks like for them. We don't come up with a mutual action plan."

KD: "When someone tells you their goals, you have to ask them, what will change by accomplishing them? What will change by accomplishing that goal? How will achieving that goal make you feel? What will achieving this goal allow you to do you can't do now? Because this is the reason why they need to hit their goals."

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Set Your Professional and Personal Goals

Set Your Professional and Personal Goals

Kevin Dorsey, Live Better Sell Better Podcast